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Black Closet Dev Releases A Little Lily Princess

A childhood in the hands of Hanako Games can be filled with love and joy, but is always perilous. Long Live the Queen can make decisions like avoiding PE class into deadly mistakes, and procedural detective procedural Black Closet exposes teens to something far more vicious - a private girls' school. Hanako's latest, A Little Lily Princess [official site], sends a spoiled girl to boarding…

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Feature: A procedural detective game.

Have You Played… Black Closet?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game recommendations. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.Black Closet [official site] is set in an girls boarding school, in which you play as a class president with an unlikely amount of power to interrogate, search and apprehend fellow students who pose a threat to the reputation of your school. But whether…

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Feature: Remaking High School Experiences

Into The Black Closet

As I send Alberta to detention and arm one of my subordinates with a baseball bat to ensure she’s maximally intimidating, a thought intrudes on the tightly focused stream of calculations and strategizing that defined my time with Black Closet [official site]: “Is this really what my ideal high school experience looks like?”For the trans woman who plays games like this or Gone Home there’s…

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Feature: Her And Her And Her Story

You Should Play This Procedural Detective Game

My enjoyment of Black Closet [official site] is an easy case to crack. There are red herrings, for sure: the anime art, the brief sugestion that it might be a visual novel. But investigate beyond the screenshots and the evidence is clear: it's a procedural detective game in which you direct a team to question, harras, stalk and detain suspects, hoping to uncover nefarious plots,…

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Procedural Schoolgirl Intrigue: Black Closet Out With Demo

Long Live the Queen had players fend off armies and sea monsters, but all those pale in comparison to the viciousness of a private girls' school. That's the setting for the latest from LLtQ developers Hanako Games, Black Closet [official site], which came out on Sunday.Black Closet's about mystery, scandal, secret societies, crime, and romance afoot at the illustrious St. Claudine's. As Student Council President,…

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Long Live The Student Council President: Black Closet

Being a child ruler is pretty tough, I should've known, but the number of ways everything can go horribly wrong in Long Live the Queen was a surprise and a delight. Developers Hanako Games are now working on a game about being student council president and surely that can't be nearly as difficu- oh, no, it can. Black Closet [official site] will have players solving…

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