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The power of gaming communities

For three years, many of my evenings and weekends have been spent online with the Rock, Paper, Shotgun community – posting announcements, managing servers, and hosting events. By doing this I’ve met hundreds of people and have developed some great friendships. I’ve enhanced the experience of playing games for myself and others, and in the process I’ve gained skills to progress my career in ‘real life’.

My experience is not unique. I’m here to convince you of the power of getting involved in gaming communities – and that game developers should take more responsibility for fostering and highlighting what their community is doing.

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FOLK Lore: RPS’s ARMA Peeps Celebrate 2012

One of my absolute favourite things is that there are various RPS communities. Seriously, it blows my mind. People have become proper friends with other people because this website exists. That makes me very happy. One such community is the hardcore gathering who get together to play ARMA 2, FOLK ARPS. And as I’d hope for anything spawned of our name, they’re an open, welcoming and friendly community, who encourage anyone interested in playing to join in. They’ve compiled a 10 minute video to show their antics in 2012.

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Valve Fully Details Community Update, Kicks Off Beta

You're not a real Valve fan unless you can take this image, decode its hidden messages, and prove it contains the release date for Half-Life 3.

I still have my reservations about Steam’s general clunkiness and a few very user-unfriendly quirks, but I have to say, this Community update’s quite a doozy. (Does anyone use the word “doozy” anymore? Did anyone ever? Am I the sole keeper of its honorable and incredibly dorky-sounding legacy?) On top of much-appreciated Game Hubs, group pages are getting an overhaul, personalized content will all display in one spot, and friends will get their own separate tab with Facebook-like statuses and feeds. But when, pray tell, can you lay claim to all these shiny new features and become a better friend? Well, it’s complicated.

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Community Action Group

Steam’s new Community feature leapt out of beta yesterday, and is now fully integrated into the system. Which means that we rather thought we should have a Community Group of our very own.

Joooooiiiiiiiiiiiiin usssssssssssss

Currently it’s completely empty, so join us, whydoncha? Either click on this to get at it via the electronic internet, or plop this into your Steam address bar:

Become a member, invite your friends, make us feel like we are loved. And then organise those gaming events of your dreams, but without all the non-RPS reading scum who might otherwise spoil an online experience.

Don’t forget that your games list isn’t limited to the games available on Steam. So should you wish to arrange an AvP engagement, just go to your My Games page, click Games at the top, and then “Add a non-Steam game to My Games list”. It’ll smartly pick up everything on your desktop or quick launch bar as an option, or let you search elsewhere for others.

Do it already.