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Premature Evaluation: Gloria Victis

Every Monday we throw Brendan into a ravine full of early access games armed with nothing but medieval weaponry and see if he can climb out with anything. This week, his axe has claimed MMO Gloria Victis.

They call it the Path of Discipline. It’s a sandy, wet pathway that runs along the central river and toward the strategically important city of “Aud”. I was jogging along this path in my light armour with my boots squelching, wondering who had given it such a serious name, when I suddenly started to bleed.

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Premature Evaluation: The Great Whale Road

Every Monday we cast Brendan out into the cold seas of early access, in a sodden row boat, armed with nothing but a cheap hunting spear. This week, he has returned with tales of The Great Whale Road.

I sacrificed a dog to Odin today. He wasn’t a very important dog, just some mutt that (according to the lengthy game text) was the mascot of our longship. I didn’t really care when I called him over and cut his throat so that the blood would please the town’s priest. To be honest, all I really wanted at this point was to get back on my stinking vessel, go home, and see out the winter. Because, although all of the The Great Whale Road’s battles and questing take place in summer time, it’s the winter that offers the most potential.

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The Bleeding Edges: Ahnayro – The Dream World

The Bleeding Edges are a series of articles on games that blur reality and fiction.

Oh it feels like home. So many spin-offs deep it must be getting dizzy, Ahnayro: The Dream World [official site] is a spin-off from The Black Watchmen, itself a spin-off from The Secret World. But, importantly, you need have heard of neither – let alone played them – to fully embrace this research-based puzzle game. (Of course, you should play both games, as they’re great, and most especially Watchmen if you’re into mystery games.) This early alpha version of Ahnayro takes a slightly different tack, stripping away the fiction of playing an agent in a conspiratorial organisation, and instead presenting far more overt puzzles in a dream-logic world. Within minutes of starting (and I’m not exaggerating how quickly I encountered all this), I was learning about the life of Virginia Woolf, the origins of Great Ormond Street, how to read electronic diagrams, 18th century gardeners and the role of thimbles in Peter Pan.

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We Happy Few: Wonderful Setting, Tired Structure

We Happy Few [official site] is a singleplayer, first-person survival game, set in an alt-history, 1960s-esque England in which the well-to-do all scoff ‘Joy’ pills to ensure an ordered society, while the less fortunate ‘Downers’ are locked out and left to live in squalor and madness. You play as Arthur, a clerk off his pills and starting to glimpse the stark truth of things, and cast out among the Downers as a result. There, you must craft and fight to say alive, and find a way to some presumed better place.

Strange timing. There am I thinking, “hey, We Happy Few owes quite a bit to Sir, You Are Being Hunted,” and then Big Robot (headed by Jim Rossignol, formerly of this parish) only go and announce their new game. The cosmic ballet continues.

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Paragon Adds Thorny New Hero Next Week

Paragon [official site] is getting a new hero in the tiny but mighty fairy fighter The Fey. She’s a support character harnessing the power of nature to really annoy the opposition. She specializes in crowd control and commands a number of area of effect abilities to ensnare your foes while doling out blasts of pixie dust (fine, energy damage).

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DoDy: WW2 FPS Day Of Infamy Invades Early Access

Valve seemingly have little interest in making a new Day of Defeat but they are at least letting someone else have a crack. Now on Steam Early Access is Day of Infamy [official site], a World War 2 multiplayer FPS heavily inspired by Day of Defeat – and made with Valve’s blessings and support. Infamy is the work of New World Interactive, the folks who made modern military FPS Insurgency. They’re trying to pick up where Day of Defeat left off, basically. Here, have a gander:

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