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Tembo The Badass Elephant...

Pokemon devs come to PC

...is a terrible name for a videogame. So terrible that the game would surely be roundly ignored were it not for who's making it. That who is Game Freak, the studio who lead development on Nintendo's deathless Pokemon titles. For Tembo, they're working with SEGA, which probably would have been considered some sort of scandal ten years ago but today just seems like wisely not putting too many eggs in one Pokeball.

Tembo is badass because he smashes a load of stuff, including tanks and skyscrapers. Also he wears a bandanna.

Here's what it looks like:

Pretty pretty as it goes, and certainly seems to boast more rampant environmental destruction than yer average side-scrolling toony thing. Viewed superficially it comes across as just mindless carnage, but there are glimpses in there of invention and strangeness. A giant bowling ball! A plant with a boxing glove for a head! Dudes in tie-dye shirts! I do like the KAPOW as-it-happens captioning, too.

Tembo The Moderately Macho Elephant - come on, don't tell me that's not a better title - is due out on PC and other things some time this Summer.

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