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The current best Sony exclusive is a playable PlayStation advert and I love it

What should I buy next, Astro?!?

This weekend, my musing about saving up for a Steam Deck instead of a new console proved to be the lies of a charlatan hack, as a new PS5 arrived. Not like, as a surprise. I bought it. And I experienced some buyer's remorse, not just because it wasn't a Steam Deck, but because it is so big in person. The PS5, and I cannot overstate this, is too large. It's like having an electronic child that cannot love me back. I don't have to worry about it being stolen because any hopeful thief wouldn't make it half way down the road before they got knackered out carrying it. My front room looks like a robot T-Rex from Horizon Zero Dawn has taken a giga-dump under my TV.

Fortunately, my remorse was washed away in an instant by what is the best PlayStation exclusive I've ever played. Yes: I'm talking about Astro's Playroom, the pre-installed platformer that serves mostly as a tech demo for the console's new DualSense controllers.

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