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The Steam Deck will let me lie down to play PC games, therefore I love it

Now I need Razer to do a black and green gaming sofa

The Steam Deck is already the best thing for PC gaming since sliced bread - sliced bread, of course, being the foodstuff that we must slot into our PC tower to feed the little gremlins inside it. Remember before sliced bread, when we had to let the gremlins out for a bowl of kibble? You couldn't use your PC for a whole day sometimes!

But I digress. The point is that in PC gaming we don't get shiny new stuff to get interested in very often. Sure, there are things like new graphics cards and ultrawide screens, but we get those all the time. But the Steam Deck is a thing! It's going to shake up the industry! It's like a Nintendo Switch, but for PC games! You can play all them fun games you like, that are PC exclusives, but in your hands! And you can dock it to a screen just like the Switch too! This is an important step for humanity, because it means I can do the ultimate thing: play a PC game while lying horizontal on my sofa.

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