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Sundays are for using a gyroscope to rehabilitate your ailing wrist. Before you rotate, let's read this week's best writing about games (and game related things).

Over on Eurogamer, Robert Purchese asks: Can we only be wowed by something once? Immediately, stepping into World Of Warcraft for the first time sticks out as a "woah" moment. More recently, exploring Elden Ring's opening area for the first time and clocking the sheer scale of it all. I think "wow" moments can come in many differnt forms, though, but perhaps that's a discussion for another time. Anyway, read the article, it's good!

It seems to be the same with anyone I speak to: their strongest gaming memories always tend to be in the past, often far in the past. And all they've been doing ever since, really, is chasing experiences like it, maybe in the hope they can have an experience as powerful again. But can they - can we? That's the question.

For The Verge, Sarim Abbas wrote about the pirates of Khadda Market. A semi-long read that takes us through Sarim's formative years growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, and piracy's eventual decline as online games took over.

We found him after much searching. In a narrow alley packed with stalls selling everything from dried fruits to bathroomware, shadowy steps led up to the second floor of a decrepit building. We went up gingerly to avoid stepping on splatters of paan. He was a wiry man, just returned from afternoon prayer. As he stroked his gray beard and blew away smoke from his soldering iron, I really was reminded of a wizard: Gandalf the Grey, puffing on his pipe in the Shire. I grimaced as he disassembled our pristine white Xbox with greasy fingers, but it was a necessary surgery. While our mom negotiated with the cashier, my brother and I walked in circles, fantasizing about the moment we could finally slink across rooftops and take our leap of faith as Altaïr.

On Polygon, Nicole Clark asks: What does a Minion taste like? No seriously, what would a Minion taste like? I'd imagine their innards resemble a Magnum. Crunchy outershell, then a nice vanilla paste inside, perhaps a layer of chocolate between the two. Mmmm.

I’d be remiss not to point out some final branded collaborations that moved me, and made me think, Yes, I’d eat that Minion! In 2017, some of Singapore’s McDonald’s franchise outlets sold Minion-themed menu items. Some of these were, understandably, Happy Meal toys. I would not eat those. There was also a banana pie. But you could also get special french fries, which were in fact hash browns cut in the shape of Minions. I would absolutely eat that, as I would eat just about any shape of fried potato. While the McDonald’s promotion is over, IHOP is currently serving a Minion-themed menu featuring “banana pudding” waffles, alongside other classic breakfast items like bacon and sausage, which are definitely not made of Minion. Minions aren’t made of real meat. They are made of animation.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe best video game side quests | Washington Post Gaming, Analysis

I enjoyed this video which runs through some great sidequests in games. Some of which bring back very fond and amusing memories. Obvious spoiler alert!

Music this week is Morning In Deira by Above And Beyond. Here's the YouTube link and Spotify link. A meditative number from producers better known for their trance and progressive house.

The track is even more beautiful when performed from atop the Piedra del Peñol in Guatape, Colombia. Here's the YouTube link to the set.

That's it for now, catch you next week folks!

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