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The Witness And Its Colour Palettes

Brights and lights

So this is the irritating situation I find myself in. I want to talk about the things I've found and seen and taken pictures of in The Witness [official site]. Except because of the infernal "environmental clue-giving" aspect I can't do that without running the risk of giving spoilers or whatnot by accident - spoilers I might not even know exist.

But! I have uploaded the images from different areas to Colourstory which is an app I use to get an idea for the relative proportions of colours in a picture/set of pictures. Here I was using it because I wanted to see whether the differences between each area were as striking as I thought they were when I was wandering between puzzles. The results were pretty in and of themselves AND, unless J. Blo was using relative proportions of colour to impart valuable game information (OH NO, WHAT IF HE WAS DOING THAT?) I think these would be classed as spoiler-free!

It also lets me see if I've understood how our new galleries work. If it has worked you just need to use the arrow buttons at the top to scroll through...

The buttons switch to being under the image on the second page which I don't really understand. Oh well, this is a kind of desert area and the colour wheel makes it seem seaside- which is nice.

This one was bamboo as far as the eye could see.

This one is the game's starting area. I actually thought there would be more purple because I was so focused on/distracted by digital wisteria.

Rocky ground, now. I think this might be the closest in terms of what I expected and what I could see when I played.

Autumnal leaves for this. I think I was aware of more gold but I think that was how I was perceiving the light rather than the actual presence of yellowy colours.

Blossom trees for this one - it's actually more subtle here but in the game it comes as this big punch of colour.

This is the last one - my favourite, and one I'm now thinking might make for a decent colour scheme in a room. Perhaps at a larger scale it might go a bit ROYAL ROBES AND JEWELS though.

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