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Steam Charts: Four Honor

One, two, three, four times a Viqueen

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, it's only the weekly Steam charts! These are the ten games which sold best on Steam last week.

Warning: we have reached Peak Charts. Peak Charts warning. Containment about to be breached. Please evacuate the premises.

10. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

So far, so business as usual. It's CSGO! Everyone likes CSGO! Everyone likes it so much that they just bought a copy for their dog! This is fine.

9. Conan Exiles

All normal. All fine. World of Co-nuts doesn't make it to a third week at number one, and on paper this is quite a dramatic drop. But there's a reason for that, as we shall soon see.

8. For Honor

The robust swordplay and even more robust Viqueens of Ubisoft's historical fantasy brawler has been doing well for itself for quite some time, though I'd expected a higher placement than this, given we're now talking about the release version rather than pre-orders.

7. Rise of the Tomb Raider

Funny thing, this one. It's a game I rarely hear people enthuse about and hasn't seemed anything like as smash-hitty as some of its contemporaries. However, ROTR always seems to be hanging around the margins, busting back into the top ten whenever there's a sale - which implies it's been hugely successful at generating interest, even if only some of that interest translated into full-price gimme gimme gimme.

6. Sniper Elite 4

A decent placement for a decent game, although 7 would have been the most appropriate position IMHO. Ooh, handbags. I very much dig the stealth-o-shooty game at the heart of SE4, and its environments are lovely too, but the everything-is-rewarded metagame and dour storytelling keep me from loving it.

5. For Honor Deluxe Edition

Well, Deluxe Editions scoring a game a double-whammy in the charts ain't unusual, although the £15 extra for what is primarily a few new costume options for your character seems steep to me. The 'Gold' edition with the season pass, which seems like the more desirable bundle, is a full £30 extra, however.

4. H1Z1: King of the Kill

3. For Honor

Oh grud, the treble. They actually did the treble. My guess? This chart covers a week in which, for about two and a half days, For Honor sales were pre-orders rather than release ones. The same game three times over makes for a less-than-exciting chart, but at least it's plain sailing from hereon in, right?

2. Grand Theft Auto V

1. For Honor

Peak charts. Peak charts. Evacuate. Evacuate. Evacuate. Sanity will explode in 3...2...1...

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