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We asked developers: what would you gift the games industry?

Presents of mind

We ask the tough questions here at RPS. We’re like Jeremy Paxman but in a very long bear costume. We once asked 15 developers what they’d do if they were stuck in a room with a clone of themselves. This is important stuff.

Today, we ask another question: What would you gift the games industry for the holidays? We put this query to a bunch of game artists, writers and designers to see how charitable they were feeling. Today, you get to open these presents. Happy holidays!

Grace Bruxner (Frog Detective)

"I would like to give everyone a very stylish new wardrobe full of clothes to wear at events and conferences. This gift comes with a condition: nobody is ever allowed to wear a blazer over a graphic tee ever again. Step up your damn fashion game, developers."

Daniel Mullins (The Hex)

"If I had the power to, I would give the games industry a Pokemon Snap sequel... that takes place in Hill House."

The folks at Amanita Design (Chuchel)

"A bit more levity and sincere fun, as well as a tranquil mossy world for everyone looking for a little bit of calm - a forest, perhaps."

Rufus Kubica, 11 Bit Studios (Frostpunk)

I would want to remind the gaming industry that the Universe is mostly a disquieting void, partially filled with stars and other celestial bodies. We are just a very small, insignificant part of it and we have limited time to enjoy our lives. So let's focus on enjoying the little things, appreciating stuff that really makes us happy - and let's forget about disdain, hatred, and disagreements.

Marcin Ryciuk, 11 Bit Studios (Frostpunk)

12% cut on revenue on Steam.

Paula Rogers, Chance Agency (Neo Cab)

"In the words of Norma-Mariah-Carey-Rae, all I want for Christmas is union. We saw a lot of abuses come to light in 2018—from nightmarish tales of crunch to devs suffering harassment without any infrastructure to help them take legal action. Be it the games industry or any other, all workers are better than that, and it’s time we came together to secure our rights."

Brenda Romero, Romero Games (Sigil)

"The gift of foresight. You will only make so many games in your life. Choose them and those you work with wisely."

Tom Francis, Suspicious Developments (Heat Signature)

"I would give every indie developer 100 testers. I guess they'd have to be kinda compressed for delivery, like a huge and even more Cronenbergian version of those grotesque gelatinous turkey-in-a-can things. While they're being revived, showered and clothed, the recipient would find a card attached: 'Have them play it right now, ask them to rate it out of 10, and say why.'"

Jon Ingold, Inkle (Heaven’s Vault)

"I’d gift us an extra month between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, called Newmesbember, in which no one releases anything new. We could all catch up on some games, sleep a bit, and get some perspective. Also no stupid Brexit."

Laura Dilloway, Inkle (Heaven’s Vault)

"I tried to answer this wittily, I really did, but instead my brain kept coming back to the same thing - respect. Respect for the women who despite years in the industry still have to validate that yes, they do in fact know what they're talking about; respect for the community managers (and some developers) who I'm pretty sure get abuse hurled at them daily; respect for every marginalised demographic struggling to be heard and still trying anyway. I've run out of sentences but you get my gist - channel your best Aretha folks."

Chris Hunt, Lo-fi Games (Kenshi)

"'A Grinch. The Grinch will climb into their very souls and remove the concepts of level-scaling and micro-transactions. The process will be mostly painless for the subject."

Robert Yang (Rinse and Repeat HD)

"I would give the game industry the gift of Epic's defeat in its ongoing lawsuit about Fortnite emotes … because it would save the game industry's soul (a little) and help normalize the practice of compensating creatives fairly (especially creative people of color) and err on always asking for permission, instead of encouraging the game industry's desperate pillaging [and] strip-mining of other cultures to sell back to children."

Anthony Giovannetti, Mega Crit Games (Slay The Spire)

"Steamspy restored to it's full glory, will the old detailed stats. Having the old owner stats was invaluable for small developers that wanted to see some concrete data."

Dave Gilbert, Wadjet Eye Games (Unavowed)

"I bestow the magical ability to avoid the internet while working."