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What are we all playing this Easter weekend?


Hallo! With the Easter bank holiday weekend upon us, we'll be gone both Friday and Monday then return on Tuesday. Tradition would dictate we spend the weekend sat in a traffic jam on the motorway, growing increasingly resentful of each other's peccadilloes, but current restrictions thankfully means The RPS Minibus must remain under its tarp. Instead, hey, I guess we're playing video games. What are you playing this weekend?

Alice Bee
is occupied.

My bike is finally back up so I'll be taking long rides to calm down between frustrating runs in the new Binding Of Isaac expansion. So far it's hard to tell how much of the challenge is my unfamiliarity with new enemies and items, and how much is new enemies being powerful, and the item pool being diluted, and old enemies getting some extremely rude buffs. Hmm. Maybe I'll come round but I am not instantly enamoured with Repentance.

I'll mostly be playing the dangerous game of trying to eat as much egg as possible without getting sick. And probably Outriders.

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is on his hols.

I ended up spending this past week playing Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, for reasons even I don't fully understand. I think head-to-head Tetris solves a bunch of the reasons why I don't love Tetris - mainly, that it gets faster and I'm bad at it - but also it's got an anime framing narrative that I cannot stand.

is on her hols.

It's time to kick back and relax in the sun! I'm going to drink beers and read books! And probably play very few games! If I get the chance though, I've been eyeing up Genesis Noir. I know absolutely nothing about it, but the style looks cool enough to sucker me in.

Screenshot of rural country town scenes in Dorfromantik
A Dorfy landscape.

I'm on holiday this week, which means I'll probably spend 90% of my time playing Dorfromantik, and the other 10% catching up on other cool indies like Narita Boy, Record Of Lodoss War: Deedlit In Wonder Labyrinth and It Takes Two (at least when I can tempt Matthew away for a bit of co-op action, anyway). I should probably use my time off to play something big, though, and I'm toying with the idea of finally going back to Cyberpunk 2077 now it's been patched properly. But I'll probably end up playing Dorfromantik. I'm calling it now.

I'm still very much in the Crusader Kings 3 hole - playing an absolute blinder of a game where I started in 869AD as Dyr, the mythical founder of Ukraine, and swiftly guzzled everything on the map between France and Turkey. I am now playing as a man I can only describe as Russia's greatest love machine. who is finally in a position to found his own religion. I've not actually managed this before with any lasting success, but I'm optimistic.

I may find time to give Outriders a go over this weekend. Looks like some fairly mindless fun, which might help break up the long Hunt: Showdown sessions. It might be nice to have a little bit of time where I don't have to strategise long and hard every time I want to click on an enemy's head.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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