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What are we all playing this Easter weekend?


We have a long weekend coming up for Easter, so we'll mostly be off Friday and Monday then return on Tuesday with chocolate and fondant still oozing from the corners of our mouths. So tell me, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
My weekend will not be as long as everyone else's long weekend because Good Friday isn't an official holiday in Ireland. Grumble, grumble, etc., but three days is more than enough to continue to persevere with Hardspace: Shipbreaker. I have successfully passed the curse of PowerWash Sim on to Liam, so at last I am freeeeeee.

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I've just bought It Comes In Waves, a "short, minimalist, experimental open-world adventure about guilt and grief." I've certainly played a lot of puzzle-platformers about guilt and grief, but never an open-world sci-fi shooter. I'm curious!

is on his hols!

is away!

I'm gonna keep trucking through The Last Of Us Part 1. See, I'm concerned that there just aren't enough opinions on The Last of Us being expressed in the world, and I may well be the guy to amend this global take deficit.

I've rolled the long Easter weekend into a week's holiday this week, so I'm currently staring down the barrel of some lovely big gaming sessions. I'll be revisiting Betrayal At Club Low for RPS Game Club, and I also want to finish goddamn Fallen Order before Jedi Survivor comes out. I've stalled on it massively since the beginning of the year, so it would be good to get that polished off. I maybe also want to try and play Life Is Strange: True Colors before it gets eaten by the Game Pass gods on the 16th, but I think that might be too big a thing to digest in just a week. We'll see.

A Dredge screenshot showing a small tugboat out at sea. There's a hazy sunrise in the background.

For the first time in years, I'm heading into this long Easter weekend with very little in terms of plans. We're seeing the Mario movie on Friday (a prospect that felt more exciting on Monday than it does today following its critical kicking) and starting a DnD campaign with some pals on Sunday, but other than that... nothing? I'll be stuffing that vacuum full of indie games, I reckon. Dredge, Wildfrost, Terra Nil. I'm very excited.

Veiled Experts has me. It's sublime. It really shouldn't be, and I went in expecting to despise it. Imagine a Counter-Strike-style game. Low time to kill, high tension, high risk - and then make it third-person. Why third-person?! Why would you do that? It's objectively worse than first-person for competitive shooters, and it's cheesy as hell being able to peek around corners with the camera without showing any part of your body. I knew that going in, and I still hate that aspect of Veiled Experts. But somehow, I'm absolutely addicted. Everything else about the game is just too well-made, too satisfying, too much fun to stop playing.

I started playing Terra Nil earlier this week and I've had a great time bringing life and greenery back to the desolate landscapes of the first four areas. I don't think I'm very good at Terra Nil, since my levels end up looking like a patchwork quilt of mismatched terrains, but it still looks incredibly pretty. There are four more levels to go that are a bit more challenging, I'm going to be giving those a go this weekend. I also wanna get around to playing Betrayal At Club Low since it's the RPS Game Club pick for this month.

Having had to put it aside for a few days just as it was finally getting really good, in order to focus on some (admittedly very fun) games for the podcast, I am of course looking forward to playing more Danganronpa 2 over the long weekend. On a related note, I have a Danganronpa 1-themed cross-stitch project that's been side-eyeing me from atop my sewing box since Christmas, so it'd be nice to take the opportunity to carry on with that over Easter, perhaps while generously allowing my partner control of the big TV to catch up on Resident Evil. And just to prove that I'm not shirking my duties as a games journalist even when I'm flat out refusing to play anything less than a decade old, I'm also planning to continue my playthrough of Kentucky Route Zero for our upcoming 2013 edition of GOTY revisited.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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