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What are we all playing this weekend?


I have had two large burgers in the space of about 12 hours so I'm struggling to think about the present, let alone what I might be doing in the next couple of days. But there are a whole lot of games around the place aren't there? Especially with that there Steam Summer Sale. Why I'm sure we can find something to play between the lot of us.

Alice Bee
I dunno why, but I've got a real (Alice) bee in my bonnet about trying Days Gone. I must know: is it an absolute classic 7/10 or is it a 6, where games go to die?

Alice0 is away.

Watch on YouTube

I've played the first three or so hours of Scarlet Nexus and I'm really struggling to get into it. I'm not against watching video games – Metal Gear Solid is one of my favs – but, Jesus Christ, the opening of this game has an awful lot of talking in it. I'm gonna persevere for another while, because killing weird monsters that fall from the sky using mind powers has been alright when I've been given the opportunity to do it.

You guessed it. I'm once again playing Nioh 2, and against my better judgment, I might dip back into Final Fantasy XIV. I feel the grind calling...

Graham is away but I'm firing him anyway.

I'll be playing lotsa Valorant because I wanna unlock the new murderbot character, and also some Mass Effect 3 because I'm so close to partying with my pals at the Citadel. I expect some Sea Of Thieves is on the menu for me too - the new Pirates Of The Carribean stuff is fab, though it mostly makes me want to visit DisneyLand.

Commander Shepard from Mass Effect Legendary Edition waiting patiently in the elevator. Shepard also looks an awful lot like Hercule Poirot, as played by David Suchet.
Colm used the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to try and turn Shepard into Hercule Poirot and it is very funny.

Having received lots of nice games for my birthday recently, I'm now spoilt for choice on what to play next. Maybe I'll continue with my first proper playthrough of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, or maybe I'll continue sewing monsters into new pairs of trousers in Monster Hunter Rise. Or maybe both! Don't tell Wrex, though, he might get cross about my dino pants.

I'm hooked on The Last Spell. It's essentially They Are Billions, but as an old-school turn based tactics game, and with a Hades-style "die to progress" mentality. It's ridiculously, stressfully difficult. But I'm making enough progress to be completely compelled, so I guess that's my life for the time being.

I will likely be continuing my playthrough of a wonderful game called "sleep and drink lots of fluids because the vaccine knocked me into flu-ville for the past several days." It's not terrible, but it's a fairly grindy game. Very repetitive. If I'm able to tear myself away from that, maybe I'll have a play of some Phantom Abyss, as I've been watching a streamer play it and it looks like a treasure trove of hilariously tense experiences.

But you, reader - yes, you reading right now. You're my favourite (don't tell the others). What are you playing this weekend?

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