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What are we all playing this weekend?


After all my griping about summer, torrential rain has arrived and yes, I'm still glad. I cycled home from seeing pals last night in a downpour and that's one of my favourite feelings in this world. Still, better stay indoors and dry off, maybe play some video games. What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

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Alice Bee
I've gotten back into Graveyard Keeper, with the benefit of being waaaay better this time. It's kind of Stardew Valley for edgy goths. I've already upgraded my church and have started learning how to make zombies to do my work for me.

I made the mistake of challenge Liam and Ollie to Neon White leaderboard battles, and now I have a great many times to beat. I do like the competition so I think this will be fun—if I can beat them, anyway. I can't speak for them but I'm playing legit, not looking up fast routes on YouTube, and by saying this I can raise suspicion about their times without making myself look jealous and unhinged by slinging about accusations. Smooth, Alice. I also have a great many virtuabikes to ride for my Tour De Jeux.

It's another long weekend for me, still recovering from Not-E3 coverage. I've been constantly bombarded with YouTube ads for Arkane's slay 'em up Redfall over the past few weeks, and it seems to have boggled my brain enough for me to decide to finally play Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider. I never got round to that one. Other than that, I'm in a non-superhero comics mood, so I'm tempted to start playing through The Wolf Among Us again. I just enjoy Bigby's scowl.

is away!

is away!

I've developed a fixation on finding the new Ancient City structures in Minecraft. Not easy when they're entirely underground, though I'm told they're mainly found underneath mountain ranges. As such I've mainly just been running and sailing around the surface, swearing at hills for not being tall enough to count.

A big monster in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Liam's enthusiastic review of Monster Hunter Rise's Sunbreak expansion has me itching to return to the world of high fashion dino pants-making this weekend, so I'll likely be moping up those last few missions I have left on my plate so I can tackle the big, new shiny stuff. Don't fail me know, patchy muscle memory!

By the time you read this, I'll have already left the RPS treehouse via the novelty slide and embarked on my first holiday abroad in over two years. My first port of call is Madrid, before I head off to Lisbon to attend a music festival with some pals. Suffice to say I won't have much time to do much gaming, despite how tempted I was to try and sneak my PC onto the plane so I could attempt to beat more of Ollie and Alice's Neon White times. I am taking my trusty 3DS, however, to play a bit of Mario Golf on the balcony during some down time. See you in two weeks!

This weekend, as is often the case recently, I'll be spending most of my time slowly ramping up my gear in The Cycle: Frontier. And hopefully avoiding cheaters. But after encouraging from colleagues and friends alike, this week I tried out Neon White, and I've fallen slightly in love with the thrill of attempting to beat everyone else's best times. So I'm sure I'll set aside a bit of time for that too, just to make sure I don't slip down the leaderboards too much.

Sprinting through vaporwave Heaven in a Neon White screenshot.
Gotta go fast

I'm still playing catch-up with Neon White. I've mostly been blissfully nonchalant about my speedrunning times but after getting some friends into it I find myself trying to shave milliseconds off my times in an effort to remain queen of the leader board. The power struggle is real, and I have only myself to blame.

I don't know that I'll spend much time gaming this weekend, to be honest; I've got plenty of other stuff to be on with. Lately I've been feeling like I could actually be bothered to dye my hair for the first time since the start of the pandemic, for instance, and something extremely grown-up and boring about a washing machine beckons. I did just finish three games in a single week, so real life gets to intrude for a few days while I secretly spend all that time AFK thinking about what I want to play next.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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