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What are we all playing this weekend?


Here we are, the final weekend of summer! I feel I wasted this summer a bit and as much as I do like autumn, I really am not ready for the winter which will follow. Why do I always let my holiday days slide down and clump at the end of the year. Better make the most of comfortable swimming and cycling while I still can.

We're away on Monday so we'll see you again on Tuesday. Until then, what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
I'm going on holiday for two weeks so will mostly be drinking very cheap cocktails and reading horror paperbacks, but I believe a Switch with Cult Of The Lamb may be coming on the plane as well...

I've joined the Italian battlefields of World War 1 in multiplayer FPS Isonzo. This is a stark contrast from the daft double-jumping foolishness I'm used to lately from games like Neon White and Destiny. It is taking some adjustment. I think I'm into it? This is very much not my FPS subgenre so I'll casually toss off some comparison like "oh it's Day Of Defeat meets Red Orchestra meets Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" then run before people come to correct me.

Cover image for YouTube videoYakuza: Like A Dragon's RPG Combat Is Ace | My Favourite Thing In... (Yakuza: Like A Dragon Review)

I was hoping Deathloop would be on PC Game Pass before the start of the weekend, but it's not out until Tuesday. At least that gives me a chance to dip into the Yakuza series. I haven't played nearly enough Yakuza, and there's been some interesting news this week about Like A Dragon 8 and spin-off Like A Dragon Gaiden. I'd like to be up to speed properly before Gaiden's out next year. Wishful thinking. Other than that, I'm hoping to find time for some more Tinykin, and continue zhuzhing up my Animal Crossing island on Switch.

is away!

is away!

Metal: Hellsinger you say? On Game Pass, you say? G'wan then.

A screenshot of Metal: Hellsinger showing several beasts from hell rounding on the player who has a 4x multiplier.
See our Metal: Hellsinger review for more on the rhythmic ultraviolence

I'm still playing more top secret review things this weekend, but lemme tell you, when I do finally have grab some free time, I've got my eyes are firmly trained on Yakuza spin-off Judgment, which Sega very kindly stealth launched on PC out of the blue earlier this week. Yes please and thank you.

is away!

I started playing Citizen Sleeper this week. Cor, it's pretty good, isn't it? Small scale, big ideas, great writing, great music. I can always tell when a game absolutely nails its atmosphere and story, because it makes me want to open up a blank Google Doc and just start writing.

I started playing Wayward Strand during the week and I'm really enjoying its heartfelt vibes. I think I'm near the end, so I'll wrap it up and write a review for the site next week (look out for it!). I'm also hoping to finish Roadwarden which, wow, is really great. The writing is so evocative and is definitely some of the best I've read since Disco Elysium. I've also started putting a couple of hours each evening into playing Disney Dreamlight Valley and am having an okay time with it but, not gonna lie, Goofy is straight-up terrifying. The way he runs towards you - arms flailing around and almost on all fours but not quite - is pure nightmare fuel. Goofy stop.

I'm back to pootling around in Genshin Impact for a little bit every day, and I'm thoroughly engrossed in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All since I played the first two cases while on holiday. I'm also very tempted to finally check out Ooblets now that it's gone 1.0, but I'm trying out a new thing called "maybe finishing some games for once before starting another new one". We'll just have to see how long my new-found self-control lasts, I guess.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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