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What are we all playing this weekend?


A cropped image of a hill fort on fire in Myam Shaw's colour process image of Metzengerstein in E. A. Poe's Selected tales of mystery
Image credit: Myam Shaw, University of California Libraries

Hot one today, huh? And every day at the moment. I'm in the UK for a few days and long for my new/current homeland, where it is also very hot but at least the biscuits and chicken fillet rolls are very good. Still, this weekend I might get a walk-in tattoo and eat some eggy bread, which I am told adults refer to as French toast. I tell you what I probably won't be doing though: playing some video games! I'm away from home and didn't bring any portables with me. Luckily the rest of the team can make up for me.

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Alice Bee
I'm currently sweating like my uncle after eating the entire wedge of blue cheese from the after dinner platter, in a strawberry-themed guest house room in a well-insulated Brighton townhouse. Two of the three windows are screwed shut. I think if I ask my laptop to run any games the slight increase in ambient temperature will cause the red plush chairs to spontaneously combust.

is away!

I'm not around much this weekend, owing to the fact I'll be perusing some suits with a pal who's getting wed soon. I might have time for some Steam Deck action, perhaps a touch of Diablo 4 if I get time to sit in front of the PC and want to think about precisely nothing for a bit.

is away!

I installed Smushi Come Home on a whim and it's been lovely: a verdant, nonviolent platformer that's teeming with charm but sneaks in enough casual wit to avoid tweeness. Absolutely one of the best Steam Deck games I've played recently, too.

The call of Final Fantasy 16 is strong, but so is the call of Zelda. Diablo 4 is also shouting away in the background somewhere, which I should probably attend to at some point. I'll shake some loot in its face and hope it stops crying.

For some reason, I am still picking away at Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. It's the perfect thing to fiddle away at while watching brain rot TV like Love Island at the same time, which I've also been chewing through this week at an alarming pace. So yeah, I'll be watering turnips while Mitch says something ridiculous in the background.

The Cycle: Frontier still has its sinewy, sinuous hooks deep in me. I've been taking my time with objectives, so I'm only now at the point where I'll start to move on from the first map and take on the challenges of the far harsher second map. More enemy players, more dangerous creatures, more open terrain... It's gonna be rough. But hopefully the fun kind of rough. Like a good shag. The fabric. Not the... Anyway.

I’ll be playing more Steam Next Fest demos before the event ends on Monday. I’ve got a long list to get through, but I’m particularly interested in checking out Little Kitty Big City , Saltsea Chronicles, and Venba.

is away!

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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