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Cosy platformer Smushi Come Home just shadow-dropped

Previously known as Shumi

A small mushroom stands atop a large rock in the middle of a forest in Smushi Come Home.
Image credit: Mooneye Studios

Adorable exploration and platformer game Smushi Come Home has just been shadow-dropped as part of this year's Wholesome Direct, meaning you can play it right now. The game follows the titular Smushi, a small mushroom, as it makes its way out of a forest to get back home. Along the way, it'll meet and help out many of the forest's inhabitants. If the combination of tiny shroom guy, chill exploration, and light puzzling hasn't convinced you, take a look at the game's launch trailer below.

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You may have previously heard of Smushi Come Home under a different title. Last month, developer SomeHumbleOnion explained they were hit with a cease and desist based on Smushi's name (who was named Shumi at the time). Smushi is pronounced like smushy, SomeHumbleOnion has stated, which has me squealing at its cuteness.

I played the demo which was available as part of February's Steam Next Fest, and I fell in love with the game's art style and vibes. Smushi can glide, swim, and climb around the environment while also collecting information on different types of mushrooms. As I was playing, I remember being in awe at how well the game captures the feeling of being one small person in a huge unknown world. But rather than being overwhelmed, you can explore at your own pace without the threat of danger.

Smushi Come Home ticks many boxes for me. Cute protagonist, relaxed gameplay, educational mushroom content? Definitely worth some of my spore time.

You can pick up Smushi Come Home on Steam right now.

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