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What are we all playing this weekend?

Well? Do tell!

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I'd like to apologise, everyone. I believe I am responsible for this temporary return to winter. I watched a Christmas movie this week and soon thereafter, snow began to fall. I'm sorry. It wasn't even a good Christmas movie. I caused this for nothing. Sorry. But since you might be cuddled up at home this weekend, what are you playing? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
I'm playing Aquarist, which is an adorably janky game about building aquariums, and breeding and selling fish. It only just about works and the main story of the campaign has just the right amount of uncanny valley (your dad gives you your first aquarium for your 14th birthday and then tells you to run a business out of the basement, which is full of neglected tanks of dead fish) to be hilarious.

Little time for games this weekend! I have a five-movie marathon on Saturday and am also keen to get stuck into The Husbands, the debut novel from my pal Holly Gramazio (who also, perhaps more relevant to you, wrote Dicey Dungeons). I do have a surprising desire to return to Diablo IV, which is weird considering the game left almost no lasting impact on me, but ah I should probably wait for the new season and its big update.

is away!

This week I'm going to play a game that has a forest in it, the inspiration being a marvellous interview answer I was recently sent about fairytale forests. Perhaps I'll go for a stroll between the trunks of Darkwood, or lose myself in the wilds of Black Book. Do you have any suggestions? I'm thinking of forests that are bigger on the inside than the outside, which describes most forests, yes, but you know, extra EXTRA so.

I want to keep playing Tribes 3: Rivals but hoo, shazbot, people got really bloody good at this game, really bloody fast. I feel like I can't even look at an enemy flag without exploding in a rainbow of defensive spam fire and perfectly placed Spinfusor shots, typically fired half a mile away by someone with six physics PhDs and a master's in Applied Murdering.

This weekend it's back to Dragon's Dogma 2 for me as I wipe up my last few sidequests. I'm quite close to the end and could go ahead and beat it, but I just keep getting distracted by a drake or griffin over the horizon, just egging me and my pawns onwards to challenge it.

is off!

Now that the initial gloss of Dragon's Dogma 2 has worn off, I may find the time to dust off my old Stardew Valley save. I believe the humongous 1.6 update is only available for PC right now (cries in Switch), but I wouldn't mind refreshing my farm in preparation. Or perhaps I'll just accept fate and buy it again on PC, start a new game and get Krobus as a roommate this time (sorry Elliott, back to the beach you go). From what I've seen so far, I think the extra time and expense may be worth it just for the new turtle pet you can get. The little jumping frogs that can accompany you in the mines are also adorable.

Yet more Dragon's Dogma 2 for me this weekend, which I'm realising might actually be the best unofficial Lord of The Rings game ever? So many hill-cresting fellowship moments. I'll also be playing, for review, Aussie RPG Broken Roads, aka Vegemite And Magic, aka Dinkum Elysium, aka Divinity: Original Tinny, aka Bogan Age.

As I recently explained to my brother in an attempt to get him to play the games I bought him at Christmas: you should always have three games on the go at the same time. One is the multiplayer game. For me, that's Helldivers 2 at the moment. The second is the story game. That's Elden Ring. And finally, there's the "get really good" game. Which... Hm, I guess for the moment that's also Elden Ring. Okay, two games on the go. I may have said three, but I meant two, alright.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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