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What are we all playing this weekend?

Well? Do tell!

Please excuse my lack of pleasant chitchat today; my kitten has decided I no longer get to sleep. This week she's woken me up by sprinting down the full length of my body, licking my armpits, dropping toys on my face, and generally shouting. Baby, I love you, but night is when I do my sleeping. You wouldn't be happy if I came and licked your armpits at noon when you're snoozing in your hanging radiator bed, little cat. But go on, do tell, what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
I might have another go at Botany Manor this weekend. It didn't occur to me when I played it for review that you can, in fact, make as many flowers bloom as you want, and go around decorating the whole manor and grounds...

When my new RAM arrives to join the new hard drive I have waiting, I'll be upgrading my PC and reinstalling Windows. My motherboard is so teeny that I think I'll need to remove everything to replace either, so I'll wait to do both at once. Removing and reseating a giant CPU cooler always gives me the fear that I'll rip out the chip or crack the motherboard, and my heart can't take that twice.

A quieter weekend for me, which means time likely spent playing a couple of games I can't talk about. One is enormous, the other is more pocket-sized. Errr, otherwise I'm hoping to grind some new coffee beans (from Dusty Ape Coffee, for anyone interested) I bought in my new hand grinder, because I like the thought of some meditative manual labour.

This weekend I'm going to carry on with Withering Rooms, a new haunted house metroidvania I've taken a shine to. I'm also going to read Black Leopard, Red Wolf from Marlon James, and continue my exciting new hobby of trying like hell to find a new flat, before I'm kicked out of this one in May.

I think we both know I'm going to keep my head buried in Horizon Forbidden West, in which I'm currently mass-murdering wildlife as a means to upgrade all my bags with the bones. Only once all the ecosystem's predators have been turned into quivers can the biosphere be saved.

I feel a bit like a broken record when it comes to talking about what I'll be playing during the weekend, because it's just more Dragon's Dogma 2. No, I didn't beat the game last weekend, since I got distracted by the mess of random things that happen in the rush up to the ending. But now that I've been tasked with finalising our guides for the main story quests, the time has come for me to finally put this sucker to rest. Die, dragon! Take this Arrow of Unmaking!

is off, away, away.

This weekend, I will most definitely be bingeing my way through the new Fallout TV series. Fallout: New Vegas (the best Fallout game in the series - and you can fight me on that) was my comfort game at university. Whilst I should have been studying like a good egg, I was fighting Deathclaws and being terrorised by a gang of local grannies. If the show has just a smidge of New Vegas charm but the classic coming-of-age story of Fallout 3, I'll be a happy camper. I'm particularly eager to see the ghouls in action.

Goblin Stone for me, so keep an eye out for a review next week. So far, it's extremely charming but a bit devious with a tutorial that lures you in for a nice, chill time before the actual game starts killing your gobbos off without mercy. I thought my tutorial goblins would be with me forever, but alas, neither Rocko, PaPeire, or Shotgunther survived their third outing.

I reckon it's about time to finish off this Elden Ring playthrough! I'm trying not to look too happy. I just beat Malenia within an hour or two of starting, without any summons of any kind. Just me and my big, big, oh-so-big katana. Probably my favourite fight in the whole game. And now it's onto Floaty Tornado Island to whack some dragons until I win.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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