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What are we all playing this weekend?


Happy April Fool's Day! Or is it? It is, and you can tell by how video game studios are demonstrating their truly rubbish sense of humour. Luckily for us, April Fool's Day falls on a Saturday this year, which means few people are around to receive their awful e-mails. Unfortunately, I am working today, so me, I'm here, I'm reading these. Don't worry, I'll try to protect you.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on.

Adam: [Adam is away at Rezzed this weekend so I assume he's playing... a lot. Not fired! -ed.]
Alec: I will be playing NOTHING against my best wishes, as my PC has developed an excellent habit of shutting itself down a few minutes into any game. I think it's the power supply and have ordered a new one, but if it's not I've pissed £90 up the wall for no good reason and you'll thus have to put up with grumpier than usual posts from me next week.
Alice: I finished -- properly finished -- Nier: Automata this weekend and... I do want to go back and fill out my collection of odd alternate and fake-out endings, but my heart is broken. I had trouble sleeping on the night I finished it and ah, maybe I don't want to go back. Maybe I'll revisit Titanfall 2's multiplayer now this weekend trial has drawn people in and I can beat up on players even worse than me.
Brendan: Hacknet's Labyrinths DLC just came out, so I'm going to spend the weekend pretending I'm an elite hacker once again, clacking away at the keyboard and shouting "I'm in!" at every available opportunity. You can tell I've been looking forward to this, because it's one of only two things that have been on my Steam wishlist for months (the other one is Stellaris' Utopia DLC). If I crack all the codes before sun-up on Monday, I'll crack on in Nier: Automata, which is pleasingly weird.
Graham: I will spend this Saturday at EGX Rezzed, which means I don't know what I'll be playing but it'll probably be some cool indie thing at a stand at the show. Or at least I hope that's what it'll be. Alternatively I will be in meetings all day and then on Sunday, when home, I'll be too tired to do anything.
John: I intend to play Thimbleweed Park, but I'm filled with fear I won't like it, that it will be too fiddly, and because The Cave was bloody awful. I think what I'd prefer is a pill that makes me forget the plots of all the LucasArts games so I can play them again.
Philippa: [Pip is also away at Rezzed and she has sent me so many texts that I am promoting her to field boss. Pip, you have the authority to fire Adam and Graham at Rezzed -ed.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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