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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


No, come on, knock off this Christmas foolishness. Starting Christmas in October detracts from both Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night, and that's simply not on. Look, I adore Christmas music, Christmas movies, and Christmas decorations, but it's not time yet. Stop it. Now get your coat on, we're heading up the hills to watch fireworks. Oh, also something something video games weekend game video week game end?

Adam: I've fallen back into Civ 6, now that my robot-smooching adventures in Titanfall 2 are taking up less of my free time. That and Football Manager, where I'm doing so damn well with Manchester United that I'm tempted to put myself forward for the actual job as soon as it becomes available. I reckon that gives me at least another couple of months of Civ before I lose my weekends to the training ground and the team bus.
Alec: I've got an hour or two of Titanfall 2's far-better-than-it-surely-should-be singleplayer mode left to play, so I'll polish that off, then I suspect I'll stare at the Multiplayer button with simmering anxiety for about 90 minutes before finally jumping in and then immediately become obsessed with unlocking that one mech with the giant sword.
Alice: I too am engaging in roboviolence.
Brendan: It's a Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare weekend for me. This past week I've been jumping onto the rock 'em sock 'em robots of Titanfall 2 and laughing with terror as I steal their Duracells, so it'll be interesting to see if CoD can make a multiplayer that beats that feeling of being a futuristic bull-rider. My hope is that the campaign also indulges all the space nonsense we've been seeing with a full, ridiculous heart. My fear is that I will see Kit Harrington and instantly start shouting "It's man from wall!" in my most expert northern English accent.
Graham: I've had Football Manager 2017 open for the past 24 hours, but I've barely touched it. I know how to play FM from all the previous years, but it's still daunting trying to get into a new saved game. If I manage it, it may well swallow a couple hundred hours over the next year. Do I want that? I sort of want that. Will it offer me new stories or merely old comforts? I'm going to keep it open over the weekend and poke at it occasionally.
John: This weekend I would like to play Titanfall 2, COD Infowar, and an exciting game for which I've just received the review code. But I will instead have to be a grown up doing grown up things like having a stupid family, rather than fun things like pew-pewing angry soldiermen. GROWING UP IS STUPID.
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing.... the trumpet. Oompa oompa oompapa oompapa, oompapa. Oompa oompa oompapa oompa oom pa paaaaaa.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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