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What are we all playing this weekend?


Hello again! I missed you all last weekend. What were you playing? We'll never know. Millennia from now, alien explorers will scan our tomb world's data archives to recreate our society but this one absence will collapse their model. Their flawed simulation will show us as twisted monsters dragging ourselves along with our heads. So much for our virtuaresurrection. But even if all is lost, hey, there's no harm in asking: what are you playing this weekend? Whistle as the ship goes down.

Adam: Dipping into the Bethesda pinball pack has sent me straight back on a flippin' binge, catching up on all of the tables I've missed over the months in both Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade. The latter in particular, which recreates real life tables, has a LOAD of stuff I want to play for nostalgia's sake, and plenty I've never heard of. Look at this skeleton-smashing beauty!
Alec: I'm going to play Pokeymans on Nintendo 3DS, because I feel I need to pretend I live in a world that simple and innocent. Wanna make something of it?
Alice: With the new expansion due in a few weeks, I'm so into The Binding of Isaac again. I'm up to 232 of 276 secrets, have finally finished my Keeper unlocks, and am hopeful I'll reach Godhead soon. I've started Netflixing on my second screen while playing too, mostly watching far too many awful murderfilms I shouldn't see while Cara is away. Crying babies, whisky, and women getting stabbed to death in their homes. Good times.
Brendan: Of all the things I've covered this week, Sethian looks the most interesting. But it also looks like it requires some severe mental squinting. You're translating a whole extraterrestrial language, after all. We've also been saying good things about Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, so maybe I'll give that a gander. I also have to play the less fun games of Paying Rent and Saturday Big Shop.
Graham: I'm likely not going to play any games this weekend, because frankly who has the time anymore, but if I do manage to carve out a few seconds and if my some miracle I don't want to spend it staring gently into the middle distance, then I will probably try to start on Dishonored 2. I asked Adam which game I should play before the year is done and this was his answer, and so it shall be.
John: I shall be playing Picross 3D 2, because BLOODY HELL it's brilliant. It came out in America in 1673, but finally made it to the UK shores this week, and good crikey if they haven't made their amazing puzzle game even better by making it even more difficult. Completely in love, going to hide in a bathroom so my family can't find me and stop me from playing.
Philippa: [Pip has been on holiday this week and, as such, is not required to submit the 64-page RPS Weekend Activities Report.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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