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10 Second Ninja X Demo Now Flipping Out

Remember ninjas, yeah?

The name of 10 Second Ninja X [official site] gives the game away: you have ten seconds to demonstrate ninja prowess. And, uh, maybe the X is crossbones ☠ because the bad guy is a pirate? It's a zippy time trial murderplatformer split into levels with ten-second time limits - ten seconds to flip around, flip out, and kill people. It's launching next week but a demo is already out and has a little bonus: the more people complete levels, the larger the game's launch discount will be.

You can download the demo through Steam or DRM-free through Dropbox. It contains five levels to have a go at flipping out. Seems like it might be a lark to tap at?

As people complete those levels and earn stars - each has a maximum of three - the launch discount will increase. It'll take 50,000 stars between all players to reach the maximum discount. Its regular price will be £7.99/9,99€/$9.99 but the launch discount might take it as low as £4.99/5,99€/$5.99. Progress is tracked here.

Here's a trailer showing the difference between good play and bad:

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10 Second Ninja X

PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, PC

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