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That's Quite A Lot, Isn't It? 1001 Spikes Released

Like dying? Love this!

I worry that if the trend of games which repeatedly kick you in the nethers continues, the Daily Mail and your mum might start to have a point. Between Dark Souls, Binding of Isaac and any number of roguelikes and retro-remakes, the next generation is being turned into failure-lovers. Still, not our fault that it's so much fun, is it? The latest pain offering on the masochism shrine is 1001 Spikes, a Spelunky/I Wanna Be The Guy-inspired platformer where you're given 1001 lives to get through its levels. It's out today and you can impale yourself on the trailer below.

Mmm, grisly. Looks laughably hectic and totally impossible with three friends, and positively grinding solo. A perfect combination. Not so convinced they haven't gone a little too far with the lo-fi graphics, making something that looks like it was made in the early '90s rather than paying homage to it. The music sounds gorgeous though, and you can hear some more in that style over on joint dev-pub Nicalis' website.

There's details on what to expect if you dive in on the Steam page and a bunch of additional screenshots and trailers. They detail the variety of characters available, some of whom are based on other games. That was one of my favourite things about Super Meat Boy.

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