Metroid 2, Remade For PC

Also on a free tip is this polished, determined demo of a fan remake of one of the old Metroid titles from the original Gameboy. I’m generally not that much of a classic Nintendo kinda guy – give me X-Com over Zelda any day – but have always had a massive soft spot for the elaborate and affectingly maudlin platforming’n’puzzling of the 8/16-bit Metroid game (though Metroid Fusion on the GBA is probably my favourite, oddly). Unfortunately the excessive backtracking and ultra-bosses of the Gamecube/Wii Metroids made me a sad panda, however. This cheerful throwback is looking lovely though, and is a far cry from the greenscreen of the GB version. Great to have this resolutely console game on PC, and I do hope it makes it to a full-blown release before the wrath of Ninty kills it.


  1. Arnulf says:

    I have Metroid Fusion for GBA. But could never finish it. For me it’s just too difficult. And that’s even counting in that I was playing it on the Gamecube adapter thing.

  2. Nick says:

    Metroid 2 on the GB was brilliant. I could never beat the final boss though =(

  3. Rigley says:

    With the possible exception of Fusion (haven’t played it myself, but have heard that it does not follow the traditional Metroid formula), backtracking IS Metroid!

  4. Bhazor says:

    It is nothing compared to Super Metroid!!!

    Finally finished that game earlier this year. One of the most cinematic games I’ve ever played. Surprisingly sad as well.

  5. nabeel says:

    I tried an earlier demo of this remake, back when I had a shitty computer. It ran at slightly less than full speed so I’ll give this a play again. Super Metroid is one of my favouritest games of all time so I’ll take what I can get of 2D Metroid action.


  6. AlexW says:

    I actually beat the Queen on my first try, which always made me wonder what people were on about when they complained about her – hell, I think the Omegas might have been more annoying than her.

    But can you tell us the important things about this remake? i.e. Does it have a map now, is the Spider Ball still sort of broken, and is it more fun than it was originally?

  7. Fetthesten says:

    Yikes, Fusion is one of my favourite Metroids as well. Reasons include the terrific set-pieces where you encounter the SA-X, they were brilliantly paced and contributed greatly to the atmosphere.

    Also I never managed to finish Metroid 2 due to – of all things – the music. The music in Metroid games is supposed to be awesome and foreboding, not random screechy synth blips.

    What I’m trying to say is that I’ll definitely check this out if it ever gets finished.

  8. Lim-Dul says:

    What a coincidence Metroid: Fusion is also my favorite game in the series. ^^

  9. Pattom says:

    Metroid Fusion was great, one of the few GBA games I still own. That said, I’m a little surprised at how little love there is for Metroid Prime (I’ve only played the first). I loved it, several good decisions on how to make the series 3D, along with a few strange ones.

  10. dishwasherlove says:

    Fusion was an excellent game. The reason everyone hates it is because it was a linear Metroid game. Doesn’t mean it was a bad game, just a bad Metroid game. I’m still waiting for a sequel to Fusion.

  11. Urael says:

    Have been a huge fan of the series since Super Metroid. I’ve played and loved Fusion and Zero Mission on the GBA, and bought my Gamecube (second-hand) for the sole reason of playing the Primes.

    New (to PC) side-scrolling metroid is therefore a must have! I’ll be downloading this as soon as I can eat up the 22654 seconds between now and my return home!

  12. Ian says:

    Luckily Metroid 3 made some of the backtracking more palatable with the flight points, so it cut down the trawling through old zones by about 60% I’d say.

    I loved the Metroid Prime games but keep telling myself I need to go and try the 2D ones. Perhaps this could be the way to go if it doesn’t get punted into Oblivion.

  13. Dr. Quincy says:

    Given this title is still available to purchase from Nintendo surely this constitutes a fairly serious breach of copywrite?

    I predict a cease and desist order from Nintendo fairly soon now, if not legal action for loss of sales.

  14. Fenchurch says:

    @ Dr. Quincy: “I predict a cease and desist order from Nintendo fairly soon now, if not legal action for loss of sales.”

    Can they still use that old chestnut bearing in mind the game hasn’t been published in over a decade? =-P

  15. Ian says:

    @ Fenchurch: It’s on the Wii Virtual Console, I believe.

  16. Ergates says:

    The chance of this reaching full release have been reduced significantly by releasing this demo!
    Free tip: If you’re intending to do something that isn’t strictly legal – best not tell everyone about it beforehand…

  17. Dr. Quincy says:

    Better to do something original inspired by Metroid than a pure remake of someone else’s wholly owned IP.

  18. Arnulf says:

    Metroid Prime? I love Metroid Prime. The reason I bought a Gamecube. Actually it was a bundle. Great stuff! Beat it and MP: Echoes. I even got a 100% for Echoes. Still need to do it for Prime, though.

    Because of Prime I got me a GBA and Fusion. Thought I could beat it. I was so wrong. Fusion is so much more challenging than the 3D versions. I suspect the other 2D predecessors are equally difficult.

    By the way I think the quasi-2D intermezzos as the powerball in Prime are just pure genius. Among many other good things that Prime does superbly.

  19. Heliocentric says:

    Got a cube for prime and pikmin. Horrible. Truely, need more finesse in my control scheme. Lovely games though. Its not rts on console that can’t be done. Its rts on analogue, the wii might be great for a well fitted title.

  20. Olick says:

    I do greatly enjoy the GBA Metroids. I have enjoyed the Primes, but prefer the 2d counterparts.
    Zero Mission is by far my favorite, because I am a big fan of how the low percent runs can be sequence broken. I did like Fusion, but I didn’t play it three times through like I did with Zero Mission.

  21. AlexW says:

    Metroid 2 is most certainly not on Virtual Console, as that would require it to have been released on a home console. Game Boy -> not VC.

    Fusion is easy you bunch of people-who-are-not-going-to-suffer-from-early-onset-arthritis.

    @Heliocentric: Yes, Primes 1 and 2 have subpar FPS controls. Good thing they’re not FPSes and the controls are actually very workable. Case in point: people completing the first in an hour and the second in an hour and a half. Sure, they skipped things, but they wouldn’t be able to get close if the controls were that bad.

    And @Dr. Quincy and co.: ever heard of Metroid Prime 2D? I think they’re still trudging along with that, and that should be slightly less risky PC-based 2D goodness for you to enjoy if you’d like.

  22. mister slim says:


    Nintendo announced a while back that they would be releasing Wii versions of the Pikmin and Metroid Prime games with updated controls. Hopefully Nintendo won’t price them too obscenely, but the controls should work out well.

  23. swat00555 says:

    i pwoned metroid fusion so many times my eyes started to hurt. i mastered everything and i got all energy,missilees, etc. and the last boss was the easiest of them all:omega metroid.

  24. jeremy taylor says:

    metroid fusion is the best but i lost the game pack

  25. jeremy says:

    i beated metroid fusion at least 2000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times.

  26. thairishcarbomb says:

    GREAT JOB DOCTORM64 cant wait til it come out