BiomeShock: The New Minecraft Worlds

Lord only knows what manner of many-tentacled beast Minecraft will be in the years to come, but right now the most anticipated change to The Game That Surprised The World is biomes. That there being a fancy-falutin’ word for ‘environments.’ Well, multiple environments within the overarching game environment, to put it with crude specificity.

As the frankly gorgeous video below demonstrates, biomes are what will further cement Minecraft’s status as an explorer’s paradise. No one repeating climate or land-style any more, but instead huge, sprawling worlds full of different aesthetics, different weather, different flora and different fauna. Adventure! Beautiful, blocky adventure!

There’ll be over 10 different varieties of biome in the game once this update lands (which should be this weekend, in the Halloween patch), with Notch yesterday describing them as
deserttundra.” You can go ahead and put spaces in that yourself. No please, be my guest. I wouldn’t want to get in the way.

Lovely music in that video, too. Good work, Mr C418.


  1. RiptoR says:

    just a matter of time now :D

  2. droid says:

    We have exceeded the right margin here. Is that a new record for this site?

  3. Brumisator says:

    Oh wow! the game is pretty now!
    that’s…so weird!

    I’m so pumped about this update!

  4. Will Tomas says:

    Looks incredible. The next step is to get the Minecraft world to be spherical so you can walk around the whole thing (lock it at 8xsize of Earth or something), with realistic positioning of the different biomes according to where they would develop on the planet…

    I can but dream…

    • Coillscath says:

      But what if it made realistically sized oceans?

      Answer: Build a suitably gigantic underwater tunnel system to get from one continent to the other.

    • jonfitt says:

      The next thing should be for the map to be a ringworld. Either small like a Banks orbital, or huge like Ringworld.

    • pakoito says:

      Disworld all the way across the sky.

    • frymaster says:

      “The next step is to get the Minecraft world to be spherical so you can walk around the whole thing (lock it at 8xsize of Earth or something), ”

      you can’t map square (or square-ish) blocks onto a sphere without it going incredibly wierd.

      the ringworld idea would work, though

    • Etho says:

      @ Frymaster:

      It doesn’t work as a true sphere, but it could be faked without too much trouble, I suspect.

    • DrazharLn says:

      True, it couldn’t be mapped to a real sphere, but you could draw out an approximate net of a sphere and represent it using what is really a 2D surface with some fairly simple logic.

      The poles might go a bit weird, but you could fake those in a different way.

    • DrazharLn says:

      I was thinking of an ellipse based net for a sphere (hence the potentially weird poles), but a bucky ball structure (interlocking pentagons and hexagons) would probably be much easier and avoid pole related weirdness entirely.

      Approximate solutions are a large part of computer science/discrete maths/programming.

    • Saul says:

      It should be a cube, clearly.

    • DrazharLn says:


      That is so obviously the correct answer.

      I feel like a fool. Would be Fun getting to the edge of a face… :D

    • DrazharLn says:

      Weird error with my link there, RPS. You may want to look into it. HTML is fine, but for some reason the link takes me to one of your articles whose name starts with “Fun”. Reproducible in other browsers and for other terms (tested with firefox and the term “AI”).

      Anyone seen this bug before?

      Also the displayed captcha is different to the one given by audio. Again :|

    • MDevonB says:

      Why not just do the simple thing, and have an infinitely repeating plane? Walk to the top of the map, and you start seeing things from the bottom. Walk to the left edge, and you start seeing things from the right?

    • Theory says:

      DrazharLn, you need to include http:// at the front of all your links, otherwise they are relative to the current page. Not a bug. :-)

    • sneetch says:


      I was just thinking the same, it worked for Civ, just wrap it round east-west when you get to the edges of the world. The north and south poles would be a bit funkier but quite doable.

    • CJ says:

      All you’d need to do is a cylinder, and make the poles impassable. Easier to implement and close enough.

  5. omicron says:

    temperate rainforest
    seasonal forest
    grass desert
    ice desert
    Eleven total.

    Taiga sounds interesting; it’s comprised of conifers in the real world. New tree shape? (Yes, please!)
    Same with desert; I wants me some palm trees.
    Likewise with Savanna for Acacia. Lots of opportunities here.

    I guess rainforest means a greater than normal proportion of “complex” trees.

    • JWill says:

      Rainforest means a forest where it rains a lot. I live in one (in western canada).

    • omicron says:

      Ah… in terms of the game, I mean. More rain == bigger trees, generally.

    • thebigJ_A says:

      I think it’s “taiga desert”. Thus, ten.

    • Malagate says:

      @thebigJ_A, a quick google search makes it clear that there’s no such thing as a “Taiga desert” and that the Taiga biome is the largest biome in the world characterised by having loads of conifers. Of course, “grass desert” is also an apparant biome, so it could be poor terminology from notch and indeed be a “taiga desert”.

  6. Martin Kingsley says:

    That really does look pretty killer. Halloween update: ensuring Minecraft rules your life once more, if ever its grip did slip, however infinitesimally.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Best of all, after the one time cover charge, you can play as you want! It’s like the MMO that realized how to make money!

    • Wulf says:

      I will note that Guild Wars learned and taught this lesson first. It really deserves all the credit for the buy-to-play concept, ArenaNet invented it. Notch is just putting it to good use. Eventually, the entire market will realise how wise the buy-to-play model is.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      Um…I think pretty much ‘every game ever that’s not an MMO’ was first with buy-to-play. ;P

  7. DXN says:


  8. Phydaux says:

    From the blog: “Monster spawning and terrain features can be tied to individual biomes, so some biomes could get special trees, or special mobs, or different grass, to make them all more unique”

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Neat! I don’t wanna find out the hard way what biome creepers come from, though.

    • pongopongo says:

      Don’t worry, I don’t see a “nightmare” biome on the list.
      …unless that means they spawn everywhere…

  9. Bassism says:

    This is just looking incredible. From the sounds of it though, my plans to do a 0day texture pack might be hard to realize.

    But seriously. Incredible.

  10. IncredibleBulk92 says:

    Minecraft doesn’t strike me as a game about exploration. It’s more about… well mining. Travelling this huge world seems pointless when there isn’t really anything to find and your forced to leave behind all your hard work. Building things is one of the most rewarding things about that game.

    I love Minecraft becoming more realistic, or whatever it’s becoming. It makes me happy to see the forests and possibly jungles in the future,

    • lhzr says:

      i remember reading a post on notch’s blog where he talked a bit about his trip to valve. he said they told him the world needs more reasons to be explored, needs to be made more interesting. i think he agreed with them, so i’m hoping for exploration to become a viable way of playing, since that’s what i’m mostly doing anyway. looking for a nice area, mining/building a bit, then moving on.

    • Coillscath says:

      I understand what you mean. I wish we could reset our spawn points, most of all. Imagine getting all the way across that 8x surface area of the earth… Then dying and respawning right back where you started.


    • lhzr says:

      @coillscath: yeah, exploring without being able to reset your spawn point would be too much of a pain (without building cart tracks all over, which would also be a pain). that’s why i’m playing on a server, even if i’m playing alone. just dload the server and hey0’s mod and join by typing localhost as the server address. you’ll get a load of ‘console’ commands, one of which is /setspawn.

      not sure if this update will bring mobs and biomes to smp or not, but they’ll be there, eventually.

    • lhzr says:

      oh, and here’s the mod: link to

    • Kits says:

      There’s nothing stopping you doing both though. Especially with the new portals for getting around. You can explore until you find a nice new location, build a ‘hell’ portal and join it up with your starting point.
      Using the new hell dimension you can have big construction projects of different types around the world, interconnected by a fiery hub.

    • JuJuCam says:

      I’m pretty sure I read on Notch’s twitter somewhere he responded to the question of changeable spawn points in the affirmative, just wondering exactly how it will work i.e. what the crafting formula would be.

      In any case the Hell / Portal world will go a long way towards alleviating the tedium of travel, mining enough obsidian shouldn’t be too big a deal if it’s what you really want.

      I personally love exploring the topworld, even in the current state of the game.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      To me, mining is all about getting good materials to craft buildings and exploration equipment for the surface. When portals are working and fast travel is feasible, I plan on building a massive Hellport in hell to keep out monsters and have nice paths between portals to each of my bases.

      You want to change your spawn point? look up Loleditor. That’d be the one you want. It lets you change the seed as well, but don’t mess with the seed of a world you already like!

    • Twisted says:

      A question I can answer! I’m useful now.

      The crafting of a portal (at this point in time) requires a frame of obsidian, and fire (made with your flint and steel). The size seems to be set at 2 wide by 3 high, requiring a frame of 4×5, or 14 blocks of obsidian.

    • Spacewalk says:

      Eight blocks of Obsidian, don’t you mean.

    • JellyfishGreen says:

      Coillscath says: “TIME TO GET WALKING”

      link to

      Towards Dawn: the Long Walk continues.

    • Jhoosier says:

      @Spacewalk: 14 blocks. 4 across times 5 tall is 20, minus 6 empty spaces for the portal gets you 14.

    • d32 says:

      10: minus four for corners, which are not needed.

  11. H4ppy says:

    Just for anyone/everyone that may or may not jump on the ‘They’re too small!’ and ‘Too much snow!’ bandwagons.

    It’s been covered, and notch knows/is fixing it.


  12. john t says:

    Too much snow, though, and the snow is weirdly distributed.

  13. Vector says:

    Looking very nice indeed.
    Although that video is a few minutes too long, if I may say so.

    • Chaz says:

      That’s what I thought, 2 minutes would have been enough to get the idea.

      But yes, looks great.

  14. Nic Clapper says:

    Biomes are a really cool idea — just hopefully in the future they will get spread out more tho. Like that vid made them seem too closely smushed together to get a real feel for seeing the major differences.

    Also I play mp only with some friends so guessing that we unfortunately won’t be seeing most of this update stuff anytime soon in our world…

    • lhzr says:

      yeah, and perhaps the biomes could be a little bigger? from the video they looked like small patches of different terrain. going too fast from one type of biome to another makes them seem a bit underwhelming.

      i wanna get lost in the desert. and in the jungle. and.. and..

      anyway, biome size will prolly be customizable, so getting them the “right” size shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      On his blog he mentioned this is basically the rough version just to get it in, he’ll be improving how they fit and how their borders collide.

    • Nic Clapper says:

      Yea looks like on his twitter he says he’ll be makin em larger. So yea hopefully a lot larger and thatll make em more spread out.

      Being as none of this is going to be really done but released in the early stages kinda hope that it doesnt come to MP yet actually…or if it does that its not difficult to switch off. Would rather not have new areas explored look like that…would prefer to wait out on changing the way our world looks till after its been worked out more.

  15. HammerPants says:

    I didn’t see any sprawling deserts in that video. Hope that’s just unfinished.

  16. Vivian says:

    Better be ready in two days or else we send the bots in. You hear me, Notch?

  17. stahlwerk says:

    I went through Notch’s Youtube channel a few days ago, it’s incredible how much his “infiniminer clone” (his words) has evolved in a little over a year. Beautiful, inspiring stuff.

  18. mike says:

    This weekend I was reading up on Realm of the Mad God’s map generator, and I ran across the word “biome” for the first time in many years; it’s neat to see everyone kind of moving in the same direction.

    • PleasingFungus says:

      That’s the second time I’ve been reminded of Realm of the Mad God this week. Almost makes me want to go back and see what they’ve gotten up to.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      I played it again a couple of weeks back. There’ve been some changes, but nothing too big.

  19. Tei says:

    A interesting point here is that climate will affect old terrain. These old terrain will not change (the cubes will remain) but different grass and trees may grown acording to the biome that sould have worked there.

    It will be interesting if Minecraft support a biome with “high grass”. But maybe something like that could be too demanding on the videocard…

    • noobnob says:

      “high grass” could be a no-collision block, like fire. You can’t build anything on it and you’d have to use your fist or tools to cut it off.

      But yeah, the biomes brings a lot of possibilities to make exploration more exciting. Can’t wait.

    • Spacewalk says:

      Why have high grass when you can make it corn and build mazes. Which would be terrifying if there were skeletons hidden in them.

    • adonf says:

      I was wondering if the halloween update would break the old saves, glad to read that it won’t.

      Also, high grass could be implemented with binary transparency, that wouldn’t be require more GPU power than glass or bamboo (and less than water)

  20. Gabe Kotick says:

    You know what Minecraft needs? An item store.

    • Sinomatic says:

      Gabe Kotick says:
      October 27, 2010 at 11:50 pm

      You know what Minecraft needs? A hat An item store.

      I fixed it for you.

    • Jymkata says:

      Sinomatic says:
      October 28th 2010 at 1.40 am
      Gabe Kotick says:
      October 27, 2010 at 11:50 pm

      You know what Minecraft needs? A boobhat An item store.

      I fixed it for you.

  21. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Dagnabbit, Alec. I’m really going to buy this now. As in right now. And I’ve been trying not to..

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Just started playing and already I can’t progress! WIth the wiki in hand, I was able to make a workbench.. but I can’t make a pickaxe! Three wooden blocks and two sticks, it says! But it won’t work.

    • Shadram says:

      Make sure you’re using 3 planks across the top row, not tree-trunk blocks.

    • HammerPants says:

      I would need to see a picture of your attempt before I could say that’s it’s really a big. I’ve never had a problem with the crafting before.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Fifgured it out shortly after. It appears you can’t use a workbench if there’s a block on top.. who knew? :P

    • Jhoosier says:

      Yes, you can. Or should be able to. I’ve got several stuck in walls or underneath chests. Chests I don’t think will open if there’s a block on top.

      Anyway, glad to see you’ve joined us. Now surrender your free time and dream of blocky things.

  22. DMJ says:

    It is probably telling that I no longer see a world built out of cubes as anything at all out of the ordinary.

    I look at pictures of the real world and marvel at how tiny the blocks must be.

    I need to get some fresh air.

  23. mandrill says:

    I had seen somewhere hints that there may be the possibility of linking servers via portals (in the far future admittedly, not in this update). The first distributed MMO anyone?

    • Devan says:

      That is a fantastic idea. You would need to come up with some solutions to mitigate the additional opportunities for exploitation and griefing, but if done right, that could be an excellent feature (and with no additional bandwidth cost to Mojang)!

    • Raum says:

      That really is a fantastic idea.

      Not sure how it will end up working, though.

    • datoo says:

      Some people hacked that into Minecraft Classic, and I’m pretty sure notch has talked about adding it in the future.

  24. gulag says:

    Is that enough for the hack-tards?

    I really hope this is enough to please them.
    I really, really hope they got what they wanted.
    I really do.

    Fucking spoiled brats.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      Hack-tards, like most pirates and other dregs of the internet don’t really know what they want and can’t be satisfied. They claim noble motivations while attempting to steal and sabotage others, in other words they’re just anarchists. Anyone who’d be willing to perpetrate an DOS attack on Notch won’t be satisfied until Notch is out of business, whether they consciously realize it or not.

    • DrazharLn says:

      hack-tards, /b/-tards, newfags

      What’s with this derogatory bullshit naming?

      Retard is a derogatory word for mentally disabled people (from the term mental retardation – [sort of] mental slowness). Its a word still used in that derogatory sense.

      Fag is a derogatory word for homosexuals.

      Neither word is appropriate or reasonable for use here. Both words help make the internet an uncomfortable or hostile place to visit for others.

      Please don’t use them.

      Also, don’t waste comment space discussing these idiots.

    • Starky says:

      Actually “retard” just means slow (or to cause slowness) – which is often used to mean stupid.

      It’s usage as a derogatory term for the mentally handicapped is NOT the meaning of the word. When it is defined as having that meaning it is almost always labelled as offensive slang.

      Retard doesn’t mean mentally handicapped any more than “monkey” means dark skinned person – hell in most of the UK it is used to mean “naughty child” or childlike.
      Slang terms shift and change, and one year what is offensive shifts, and often flat out swaps (take coloured/black years ago coloured was proper, black was racist, now it has flipped.

      Ironically retard has flipped back, when people say “you retard” they’re not calling them mentally handicapped – but just stupid, it’s no more meant in offence to the handicapped than “idiot” or “moron”.
      Same with fag – it might have come from a homophobic insult, but now it’s mainly used without that connotation – and in no way different than calling someone a pussy, the direct link to gayness is drifting farther away.

      Both uses are vulgar, but the intent, the context shifts wildly – and in language intent and context are vastly more important than strict definition.
      Language, meaning intent and current usage is just too fluid to get all worked up over, but it is interesting how it shifts over time.

    • Archonsod says:

      I like my internets offensive and hostile. Just like my drinking dens.

    • Grandstone says:


      Not that I have anything to say about the bulk of your post, but “retard” means “to slow or cause slowness” only when accented on the second syllable, and “retarded” means “slow”, or more accurately, “slowed”. “Retard” with the accent on the first syllable is a noun, and that’s the word you all are arguing over.

    • Starky says:

      Hmm, there’s no emphasis difference I’m aware of in my part of the UK – that an American difference?

      I’ve never met anyone who says RE-tard (in fact the only time I’d say it like that is when doing a bad southern US accent :P), it’s always re-TArd, or reh-TArd (for the slightly posher sounding folk).

    • Fiatil says:

      Sadly there is a difference of pronunciation in the Americas. If you called someone a retard with an accent on the second syllable you would be looked at very funnily, but you would accent the second syllable if you were to say “to retard growth” or something to that effect.

  25. RadioactiveMan says:

    Looks awesome- I think I saw different colors of trees and grass, but other than that it was really hard to tell the rainforests/forests apart. Hopefully they will be more distinct when actually playing..?

    Not that I should ask too much of an already amazing product, but what I would like to see next would be an increased map height with vertical biomes (think, alpine, foothill, valley), and linear biomes (think, river, canyon, lava river, dry river, etc). Then, let me make a hang glider!

    • DrazharLn says:

      I am in support of hang gliders. They would be ace :D

    • KerouacCat says:

      I was actually thinking of that, except with parachutes. I’d love to be able to jump off a cliff and turn on a parachute and just float down. This would work well with all my towers I can’t seem to stop designing. It’s so annoying to have to create dirt towers around my tower just to be able to expand horizontally or add small towers or extending halls and whatnot.

    • stahlwerk says:

      Just Cause 2 & Minecraft?

      Where’s my money, I’m sold!

  26. Ed says:

    It does look remarkable – I love the new sunset colours and the variety it brings to the world.

    I must admit that I do question the algorithm he uses to distribute the biomes, though, sandy, cactus-filled desert right next to frozen waste? Eh?

    Dwarf Fortress’ biome generator is incredibly detailed, based on real-world meteorological phenomena such as temperature, latitude/longitude, water table, altitude, and rain shadows amongst others.
    Hopefully Notch will be aiming in that direction, at least for more stable biomes, although of course the degree of detail that Toady went into would be largely unnecessary in the context of Minecraft.

    • Ed says:

      …should really read comments before posting…

    • Starky says:

      Personally I hope he doesn’t even get close to that level of complexity – just makes it work well enough to be visually cool looking and moves on to other things.

      I, and I’d imagine most people care more about having a fun game than some incredibly nerdy simulations on things that have little bearing on gameplay.

    • Ed says:

      It’s largely moot in any case. His mountains arent remotely big enough to have any bearing on climate :)
      The same effect could be achieved much more simply.

  27. Gah says:

    I HAVE to buy this now! RPS, you’ve really sold me.

    This is the type of simple, creative, fun and immensely rewarding old-school PC gaming that I so sorely miss in today’s cinematic blockbuster ADHD-fest of a market.

    Where’s SimCity 5?

  28. Moonracer says:

    I agree that biomes should be bigger (at least as far as the eye can see in any direction from the center) but It will be nice to just get the prototype in for now. I like the snow-scapes but I dislike building in them so it will be nice to take a stroll through them once in a while or go hunting.

  29. Miko says:

    Wait, that video’s supposed to have the biomes in it? All I saw was bits with snow and bits with no snow. I thought we already had bits with snow and bits with no snow.

    • DeepSleeper says:

      Before it was either all snow or no snow. This video shows it’s evolved to some snow.

  30. pupsikaso says:

    I bet those hackers are thinking this was all their doing, lol.

  31. Weylund says:

    I enjoy Minecraft.

    So the man realizes that when he spawns a new area he can use different sets of blocks. Revelatory. If he wants to make bigger areas of those different sets… he attaches some logic to it. People were writing articles about this decades ago.

    Next he’ll send us poop in tiny plastic internationally-stamped packages and we will praise him for his wild ideas about disease vectors. “But no one thought to put poop in packages and fly it around the world!” Actually, they have. Thankfully they’ve been arrested.

    I have to say I enjoy Notch’s work, but the constant singing of praises has more to do with volume of sales and market share (i.e. more people know who the hell he is) than innovation.

    I think he thinks that too.

    • Dawngreeter says:

      So. Gaming news site shouldn’t write news posts about games getting updates, then? Or maybe you would provide the very necessary function of approving which update was sufficiently difficult to code in order to get posted?

      I mean, I agree with you. I just can’t stomach all this talk about game updates that wouldn’t be sufficiently complex to be used as a PhD thesis.

    • MD says:

      That is the strangest analogy I have ever seen drawn.

    • MD says:

      (the ‘disease vector’ one)

    • Zetetic says:

      It’s all the weirder given that Piero Manzoni, who canned his shit in 1961 and sold the cans as artworks, certainly wasn’t arrested for doing so.

    • stahlwerk says:

      @Weylund you sure showed us all! I will cease my praise of Him now, for I am now deeply disappointed of His so called originality.

      But it goes even deeper… pickaxes? pfft, people used them, like, a million years ago. Cows? There have been cows in Farmville for ten years now, very moo-riginal!

      WHATS NEWS, BRUCE (Notch)?

    • Reapy says:

      Nothing in minecraft is original, but the way he puts them together, and the accessibility of it all is fantastic. Such a simple idea, but no one has done it before? It may be easy in hindsight, but apparently he was the only person to think up these ideas AND implement them AND get it out to the world, and that does count for something.

      I stopped playing minecraft a while ago because there isn’t much content in the game at the moment. While I enjoy building things, I really enjoy the idea of exploring and setting up shop somewhere for a bit before moving on. I’m glad to see the updates going along that sense, as there will be a reason to explore now. Before I was just in search of strange and awesome mountain formations, but I always knew underneath it all there would be the same 3 monsters, the same blocks and ore, so there was no point to dig down further to find it.

      The one overwhelming thing minecraft is missing is content, and this is what is being added. It IS exciting, because I honestly couldn’t point you to another game that allows me to explore a randomly generated world that actually looks good.

      The only game you can even give a slight comparison to is dwarf fortress, but that is an entirely different animal, and his game is more like exploring a book, with your head needing to fill in the details.

      What you are looking at here is almost an entirely new genera of game, and it’s been a long time since us gamers have had something new to play with, a really long time.

  32. Cramineft The Docile says:

    This game is getting way too much attention… Reminds me of Facebook back in the day.

    • JB says:

      Yeah, heaven forbid a popular game should get coverage on a gaming blog/site. I mean, that would be pointless.

    • Draco says:

      I agree.

      There are people that even create nicks to reinforce the argument of the high level of attention paid to the game.

      Thats too much attention.

    • stahlwerk says:

      That’s terror.

  33. Gunnar says:

    Is it halloween already?

  34. Tony says:

    I can’t wait for Minecraft, the North Dakota experience. Vast nothing-ness except for the occasional line of trees.

  35. Someone says:

    It’s only a matter of time until we start having cube-shaped planets orbiting around the sun in Minecraft.
    Next thing you know you have a portal going from Earth to Mars, where Mobs have overrun your base.

  36. Nic Clapper says:

    Played through main and knoxx with a friend and my brother, and most of that was during laning which I think really helped make it even more fun (we barely touched moxxi…not fun). Played through neds island solo to get in the spirit, which was ok but to me not as fun as playing with others.

    Overall game is pretty fun, was just so many times we all wished it were built with more care. So many pc specific problems we would have to edit ourselves (that got rewritten over with each update) and the further into the game we got (dlc included) the less optimized everything seemed. I’m pretty certain knoxx was rendering the entire zone even parts out of sight which made it run worse then anything so far in the game.

    But in the end something (probably the itch to find more loot) always brought us back in. Still getting itemcard uploads to me n my bros gunshow site so others must be still getting that same itch too.

    • Nic Clapper says:

      Oooooops…sorry I had multiple tabs open…I did not mean to post this for this story!

    • Delio says:

      Heh, I really thought you were talking about individual servers and giving quick reviews of what they had done there.. I did not know what was happening..

  37. Mofoo says:

    I think I saw a building structure in there …

  38. blah blah blacksheep says:

    I don’t like how they implemented the biomes. You end up with patches of sand in dirt, and then there’s just stark swatches of one biome cutting across another, like a large patch of desert running up the side of an otherwise rain-forest mountain. There needs to be more of a gradual transition, instead of the short, stark transitions and piece-meal hodge-podge it’s turned into now. It really makes some landscapes look atrocious.

    And ffs, hurry up and make a method to change the default spawn point in game! Damn! I’ve given up on many a good looking map, b/c all the really cool places to put a base were so far away from the spawn.