Aliens Coming Out In Goddamn Fall, Trailer

We can hold them back till Autumn, but not a season longer!
I sure hope that’s the “RPS Release Radar” (patent pending) pinging, and not the “Approaching Alien Xenomorph Motion Tracker”. Why did we program them to sound the same? That was my mistake. I’ll take the blame, but there was a two-for-one sale at “Stock Sounds For Imaginary Devices”. Hmm, I think it’s RPSRR and not the AAXTM, as I’m also hearing that Sega’s and Gearbox’s shiny FPS Aliens: Colonial Marines is skitterring on all fours all the way to Autumn. To pacify baying hoardes, they’ve also released a trailer.

It turns out they were both going off at the same time, perfectly synchronised. Oh god! No! Noooooooo! NOOOOOOOOOO!

[To Be Continued…]


  1. Gap Gen says:

    Congratulations on the title pun, sir.

    • Ergates_Antius says:

      I concur. I have no interest in this game, but that was the best title the universe. Ever.

  2. Hyoscine says:

    Best pun in ages. Cheers!

  3. Tretiak says:

    Dead Island.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      but it’s in space, so Dead Space

      (of course, the slow-mo, slow music could easily be pinned on Gears of War if you want to ignore that it’s quite a common style)

    • Bfox says:

      I think what Tretiak is getting at is it’s a nice trailer, but the game will be awful..

  4. Colthor says:

    It could be the microwave pinging, but they mostly cook at night.


  5. lordhughes says:

    OMG something new with Aliens in …. Im going to stop myself getting excited because it will suck.

  6. Network Crayon says:

    If only you could talk to the aliens…

  7. marlin says:

    Oh great, another bug hunt….

    • Gary W says:

      You secure that shit, marlin. This franchise has a substantial dollar value attached to it.

    • eclipse mattaru says:

      They can bill me! >:(

    • PJMendes says:

      I want you to put down your weapons and lay down suppressive fire with the incinerators.

      Interesting how at the time I couldn’t understand any of the military lingo and now it’s a part of our daily lives.

  8. Serenegoose says:

    They got the smartgun effect wrong.

    How can you get a made up sci-fi gun’s sound effect wrong? That’s like putting a lightsabre in the game that sounds like a drill. I mean you can do it, but you’ve actually had to go to the trouble of getting it wrong on purpose.

    • Moni says:

      It’s right in the gameplay trailers they’ve shown, so it might just be the ad company that did this got it wrong, or that it sounds wrong in slow motion, or they’ve changed it because they’re complete mentals.

    • Max Ursa says:

      yea its slowed down so the sound will seem different.

    • Scroll says:

      It was wrong in the E3 demo as well. Pretty much the same sound as that trailer. It’s certainly a bit jarring.

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      Wrong in the last AvP game too, and they added all that stupid growling instead of hissing for the aliens.

  9. Shortwave says:

    Looking great to me, I’ve seen worse teasers!
    There no way it can go worse than the last game, even though I loved it I can admit it was a trainwreck.
    Actually, I loved everything about the last one other than the fact the devs abandoned it when noone bothered getting the DLC. You can still find populated servers under the steam server browser, though most people don’t know that.. The SP game itself though, I enjoyed A LOT. I thought they told the three sides of the story amazingly well.

    I’m looking forward to this for sure. Hopefully it’ll include another respectable benchmark as well. And oh yea’ please don’t release DLC for it. Just updates please, k’ thanks.

  10. Hellbeard says:

    Why do all movie monsters make the same sound?

  11. Timthos says:

    The death screen better be, “Game over, man, game over.”

  12. Shortwave says:

    I just want to throw this out there…
    On steam right now it reads, and I quote.

    “Available: SPRING 2012” not fall. >.<

    link to

    • Craig Pearson says:

      The rest of the world respectfully disagrees: link to

    • Shortwave says:

      Oh steam! -giggles-
      You so crazy!

    • Max Ursa says:

      wasnt it originally going for a spring release? steams just a little out of date, a little bit.

    • Shortwave says:

      Yea, I guess that’s why these guys get paid. : P
      I just looked over at steam and was all like..
      DUUUWHAAAAAAT? And excited it was sooner.. : (

    • Gnoupi says:

      SEGA are not really good in communicating the release dates to Steam. Renegade ops’ release slipped 4 times. Once even after the actual release timer, messing up Steam’s front page with an unexisting new release.

      So I wouldn’t give a lot of credit to that.

    • Shortwave says:

      Sega and Steam seem to have a love hate relationship, truly.
      Givin’ how broken the last AvP server system is in conjunction with steams server system.
      If you try to access online games via the ingame browser.. NO SUCH LUCK.
      Use the weird hidden out of the way steam server browser, BAM..
      I think that’s 90% of the reason noone caught on to it.
      All the good servers were hidden away.

      For reference, simply right click on the steam icon.
      Go to servers, filter for Alien Vs Predator servers and presto!
      A few populated servers with decent pings. To this day.
      Just expect to get owned by experienced players..

  13. suibhne says:

    Fine, interest is semi-piqued…but what I really wanted was the Aliens RPG being baked at Obsidian.

  14. DiamondDog says:

    It’s Aliens, so I want to love it but, well, the gameplay trailer left me very cold. Lots of pointless fanbait. Yes, thank you, we get it.

    And now we have an empty trailer going for that Gears of War vibe by having contrasting music and images. Men shooting guns but with emotive music instead of heavy metal or brostep!

    It’s certainly got me demoralised. Give me an Aliens game where I get to play as Newt, and try surviving without any guns.

    • MSJ says:

      “It’s Aliens”

      Yes, it is. Aliens is a war movie set in space. Featuring some of cinema’s best-remembered fire arms. And several memorable military-type characters. That the game is a military action game was the intention all along, and I’m sure it is what most people expected.

      I also find it amusing that this trailer is what gave you the impression of Gears of War, when it’s similar to the GoW3 trailer meant to present the opposite of the typical GoW atmosphere. It’s like saying a particular song is patriotically American because it sounds similar to Rammstein’s Amerika.

    • ReV_VAdAUL says:

      EDIT: Please note the trailer I am moaning about is not the teaser linked above. So don’t worry about having not seen anything I’m talking about.

      You hit the nail on the head with the gameplay trailer just being fanbait. The Gearbox guy exclaiming “WOWEEE THERES THE TABLE HUDSON FOUND THE COLONISTS ON!” was just absurd. There are certainly aspects of the film I’d consider essential but my goodness you don’t need to set it in on the same planet, let alone pretend various geegaws from the film would survive a nuclear blast.

      AVP1 didn’t really have a story but kept the themes going in different locations, I think the art direction was better for it than AVP2, the feel of everything was bleak and fit really well with the films. However that aside AVP2 managed to have a new story, take place on a different planet and still be inherently “Aliens” and great fun.

      Quite why Gearbox feel they have to boast about including Ripley’s navel lint rather than exploring a new location is beyond me.

    • bill says:

      I’m sure someone will point out an earlier reference, but it’s basically a John Woo thing. Face/Off being the most obvious implementation, but I think i remember it in some of his earlier films too (infact maybe all of them, with doves).

    • DiamondDog says:

      I can’t really understand what you were trying to say in that last paragraph, MSJ, but my dislike for the Gears 3 trailer and this trailer going for a similar tone are pretty small gripes. It is only a trailer, after all.

      I have no problem with all the military stuff, I had a great time with the original AvP, but Marines with motion trackers has been done. I don’t think there is much more to be mined from that particular scenario. The Alien franchise always seems to suffer with a strange need to shrink the universe down into as few ideas as possible, and then keep using them over and over. The fact they brought Ripley back in the fourth film after she was killed off was particularly laughable. Apparently, it’s just not an Alien film without Ripley.

      Anyway, James Cameron’s entire point with Aliens was showing how useless all that military tech was in combating the xenomorphs. So, instead of missing the point and turning the xenomorphs into cannon fodder for a bunch of jarhead cliches with a million ways to kill, how about putting us inside the head of someone who only had their wits and instinct to help them survive.

      I’m so pleased that Ridley Scott would appear to be taking the franchise into some new territory with Prometheus.

  15. EvilMachineDad says:

    Funny coincidence:

    I turned off the “Moon” soundtrack I was listening to, to hear the sound in the trailer without any outside
    “noise” to contaminate the pure alien experience (even though I thought that particular soundtrack would be rather fitting) .. Imagine my pusslement as the soundtrack kept on playing INSIDE the trailer :D

    Allmost as great as hearing the sound of a helicopter, only to look up at se a duck. Ascribing the motorsounds to the duck. Awsome duck.

    • huw says:

      Heh. Moon is an absolutely stunning film, and I was most pleased to be reminded of its beautiful soundtrack when I watched this trailer. :)

    • Shortwave says:

      Bahaha, insane!

    • Kadayi says:

      Thank you sir. I knew it was Clint Mansell, but couldn’t for the life of me remember which film.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      whelp… listening to the Moon soundtrack for the rest of the evening.

      Anyone know of a good game with a sort of “Moon” vibe to it?

    • Shortwave says:

      Moonbase Alpha? HAHA. The Nasa made free game on steam..
      That isn’t listed under the free games section.. Sorry, first thing that came to mind naturally.
      It even has coop if you want someone to do mundane moon tasks with.

  16. Furtled says:

    Cautiously optimistic about this as the few game play trailers (along with the ‘cinematic’ ones) show that the people behind it get the reasons why Aliens is such a brilliant film.

  17. Isometric says:

    Nice bit of Clint Mansell there, short but sweet trailer.

  18. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Awww that considerate xenomorph in the title pic for this post is giving that poor tired Marine a head massage. That’s so sweet.

  19. Guvornator says:

    The Marine sections were, by FAR, the best bits of both of Rebellions’ AVPs. Hard as nails and genuinely scary, the first one was the only game that made me jump out of my skin (unexpected facehugger in a dark corridor followed by the most disturbing Game Over screen ever). If Gearbox can give me 15 levels of that tension I will be a happy if repeatedly decapitated camper…

    • ziusudra says:

      I agree, was it that difficult to make the aliens super fast in Avp 2010?

  20. Grimh says:

    They should just nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  21. BobsLawnService says:

    Northern or Southern hemisphere Autumn.

    Also, the idea of playing Newt was inspired genius whoever had it.

    Also, playing as the Alien in the original AvP is the most instinctual, visceral experience in gaming. For me it plugged into a weird reptillian, predatory part of my brain and made he go a bit mental. Two eviscerating claws up. Eating cowering, whimpering children’s brains like fudge was great.

  22. Droopy The Dog says:

    *Ahehm* AAXMT…. Sorry! *self-loathing*

  23. Nick says:

    Maybe you have it on the humidity setting.

  24. buzzmong says:

    Sorry, but meh.

    I was severely put off by the previous gameplay trailer, as it was scripted up the wazoo and had silly things like a section where you were running from a bull-like alien down a linear pathway. Which tbqfh, has been in far too many games for me to ever want to play that “scene” again.

    Said previous trailer also had slow aliens, not very powerful guns and the stentch of QTE’s about it. Lightning fast Xenos and powerful guns were one of the things that made AVP 2000 for me and the series has been missing (AVP2010 especially) them ever since.

    I’m hopeful though because the game was pushed back 6 months after they released the gameplay trailer so they might of rejigged lots of it.

    That said, this trailer certainly looks atmospheric, although I’m not enthused about going back to Hadley’s Hope.

  25. UnravThreads says:

    Now, am I *finally* allowed to play as a female marine?