Please, Sir, Can I Have Some Lore: City Of Heroes

The various strands of most fictional worlds fit together like melted Duplo and hunting knives, particularly when they have multiple authors and are inspired by the mad multiverses of super hero comicdom. City of Heroes is set to become a ghost town on November 30th and with closure fast approaching, Gamerzines notice that Paragon have taken to the forums to provide some closure of a different sort. You want lore? Here’s your lore.

Motivations are explained, plotlines are pursued, and design choices and restrictions are discussed. It’s probably impenetrable to anyone not already acquainted with the lore but for those who are invested it’s fascinating. Kudos to the remaining members of Paragon for this level of engagement, especially as their world seems fated to end.

The forum thread is enormous, taking the form of a Q&A, but all the information is gathered in a Google Document linked in the opening post. The people answering the questions are:

MM: Matt Miller (Positron)
JH: John Hegner (Protean)
JAH: Jeff Hamilton (Arbiter Hawk)
SM: Sean McCann (Dr. Aeon)
RG: Ryan Greene (Viridian)
TS: Tim Sweeney (Black Scorpion)

You can even read the document without fear of spoiling the future content of the game if it manages to escape at the last moment, as heroes so often do.

If there is a miracle and somehow CoH is saved, we reserve the right to change any and all answers given in the doc, to maintain suspense and surprise.

Lore is fluid.


  1. iGark says:

    Lore, lore, never before has a boy wanted lore!

  2. Cam says:

    I like this idea; it’s a sort of closure in the event the game is never resurrected. It’s a shame no one has stepped in to help City of Heroes yet. The progressive updates to the game’s mechanics, visuals, and especially customization were slowly morphing it into the Super-hero game I always wanted.

  3. Temple says:

    This is just making my tears bigger. And faster. And stronger.


    I hope private servers pop up. Not that I want to play on one, I want my own personal one.

  4. DarkFarmer says:

    Is it just me, or is the “Closing Down” of “failed” MMOs a bit melodramatic? Since server costs scale, and on a per-user basis are not very high, you would think pretty much any MMO could continue to exist from the support of the existing community. No, new content would not be being made, but at least the game could stay up, and the community could keep playing the existing game. Just curious on why they always do this.

    • Arglebargle says:

      It is NCSoft: They Kill Worlds.

      CoH wasn’t losing them money. Even if they’d cut back on the studio, and only implemented the continuing plans in piecemeal, it would have worked out just fine. They just needed a line item to make their quarterly or yearly report look good.

  5. matty_gibbon says:


    Isn’t it such a shame that NCSoft’s stock has plummeted since the announcement >:-)

  6. ghoststalker194 says:

    CoX has gotten all the publicity it wanted over the last few weeks. I guess there’s no changing NCsoft’s mind. Most of all I hate how they’ll just sit on the IP for the rest of it’s lifespan. It’s a shame.

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  8. MaXimillion says:

    As someone who exhausted pretty much all content in the game for the first several years of it’s lifespan, reading through that made me really nostalgic.

    I wish something would still be done with the IP, although if it would be handled by NCSoft I’m not sure I’d touch it.

  9. destroy.all.monsters says:

    Thank you for posting this and your continuing coverage of the game.