No End In Sight: Endless Legend Free Expansion

Amplitude are having a very good year. The studio’s debut release, Endless Space, was a good 4X game but the follow-up, Endless Legend, is a great 4X game. I’m fairly sure there hasn’t been a better release in the genre this year. Along with that, there’s Dungeon of the Endless, a smart cocktail that contains a dash of roguelike, a splash of tower defence and several fingers of cunning twists.

Endless Legend, as you might expect given the name, isn’t quite done yet. A second free add-on has just been announced. It’s called Visions of the Unseen and the first details are below.

The expansion is out next week but its full contents are yet to be revealed. What we do know is that there will be ten new side quests and that quest weapons have been overhauled, with funky special effects. From what I can gather, this means that your magical doohickeys will now have colourful lightning crackling around them, making them easier to identify from a distance and allowing you to adopt rad poses while conquering the world.

One of the great strengths of Endless Legend is the intertwining of lore and strategy. Side quests aren’t simply distractions – they’re key to an understanding of the world and the strategies needed to survive. In that sense (and others), Endless Legend is the antidote to many of the misgivings Alec and I shared when we discussed Beyond Earth.

As well as expanding Endless Legend, Amplitude are releasing an update for Endless Space and there should be more information about what exactly that entails at the dev blog later today.


  1. Paul B says:

    With Civ V: BE being so disappointing, I’m currently waiting for Endless Legend to come down in price. I’m ready for some 4X action and looking forward to the new spin Legend’s been able to put on it. Free add-ons too – I’m sold!

    • eggy toast says:

      In October IGN gave out “free” keys if you subscribed to their Prime service for only US$7, sadly I don’t think it will be that low again for a while.

    • Snargelfargen says:

      Amplitude have also announced the final update to Endless Space, which will fix a bunch of the remaining bugs, add colonization events and unlock the Vaulter faction (A reward for people who got Dungeon of the Endless whilke it was in early access).

      They have accumulated a pretty nice record of shipping finished products and supporting their games post-release. One of the few studios apart from CD-Projekt where I feel safe pre-ordering.

      This wasn’t supposed to be a reply, sorry.

      • Lagran says:

        unlock the Vaulter faction (A reward for people who got Dungeon of the Endless whilke it was in early access).

        The Steam page still has the Founder edition of DotE, and in the description a little way down it still says the Vaulter faction is available for Endless Space Disharmony. It should still be available, not just an Early Access reward.

        I’m definitely keeping an eye open for the Endless series during the next couple of months, but I have limited money and too many games I want.

    • Granath says:


      Don’t wait – EL is worth full price. It’s an excellent 4x game – one of the best in years.

      • Paul B says:

        I need a time machine :) I bought Civ V: BE on release and if I’d known about Endless Legend, and how Civ would turn out, might have gone for Legend instead. I’ve built up some Steam credit, so will wait for the Winter sale – only a couple of weeks away and I’m sure it will be discounted. I’m glad to hear that even at full price, it’s worth picking up.

        • Rolento says:

          There are some cheap copies on ebay atm, if you can’t wait for the sales. As others have said, well worth the asking price:)

    • Furious Donkey says:

      Well, it’s really cheap if you don’t buy it directly through Steam.

      link to

      22$/17€ is more than worth it.

  2. eggy toast says:

    >>Endless Legend is the antidote to many of the misgivings Alec and I shared when we discussed Beyond Earth.

    This bears repeating: Firaxis and the Sid Meier’s team kind of let people down, this is the sci-fi 4x that fills those gaps and soothes those wounds.

    • Phantasma says:


      Until Firaxis find their mojo again (without needing at least two expansions per game to do so) i’m on pins and needles to see what Amplitude does next.

      Maybe they should have a stab at a spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri.

  3. melnificent says:

    Endless Legend always seems like a cross between 4x and Risk. Which is why I love it so much. Being limited in city placement and not being able to just put city after city down makes a big difference and makes it more strategic than a normal 4x.

  4. Kempston Wiggler says:

    Any word on them solving the endless end-turn/endless load-save game problem that seems to afflict people late game?

    Ah. Ok. A quick check of their tech suport forumsindicates a possible solution HAS been found 2 days ago, and has been submitted to their internal Q&A for testing/approval! Fingers crossed this makes it into the new content update!

    • vahnn says:

      It hasn’t been fixed, but there is a solution.

      Right-click Endless Legend in your Steam library, Properties, click the BETAS tab, then in the top drop-down menu select “32-bit – 32-bit content for 64-bit users.”

      I haven’t had a single crash or turn hang up since enabling this in over 20 hours of playing.

  5. SpacemanSpliff says:

    I’m thinking of buying this for my Birthday next week. Hoping for some Steam Sale love after Thanksgiving.

  6. Tiax says:

    “Endless Legend, as you might expect given the name, isn’t quite done yet. A second free add-on has just been announced.”

    I love Endless Legend with a passion but I can’t remember for the life of me what the first one was. What did I miss?

    • Grygus says:

      They must be counting the Halloween update as an add-on, since it added a hero and quest.

  7. The Sombrero Kid says:

    Fast becoming one of my favourite developers

  8. XhomeB says:

    I’ve just realised that I’ve spent approximately 400 hours playing it so far, according to Steam. It’s one of the best, innovative 4x games in years. With an expansion or two, it’s bound to become a cult classic with a devoted following. Can’t bloody wait for the expansion.

  9. Hex says:

    Sigh. I guess it’s about time to start another campaign, then. Or three.

  10. eggy toast says:

    I also have to say I finally picked up Dungeon of the Endless (the roguelike from the same devs in the same universe) and it’s really fantastic. I love FTL and I haven’t enjoyed any other game the same way, until Dungeon of the Endless

  11. padger says:

    FINE, I’ll play Endless Legend. Stop going on about it. Sheesh.