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2014's best strategy game is free on Steam this weekend

Find out why Humankind is exciting

A map in Endless Legend, with green mountain areas in the middle and several units visible
Image credit: SEGA

It's Amplitude Studios' 10th anniversary, and they're celebrating by making a bunch of their games free for the weekend. That includes fantasy 4X Endless Legend, space 4X Endless Space 2, and dungeon crawler Dungeon Of The Endless. All of their games are also deeply discounted on Steam.

This a is a great selection of games, including the best 4X games from the past ten years. Endless Legend especially is well worth revisiting, and it was our game of the year back in 2014. Here's what Adam said at the time:

Amplitude haven’t set out to fix something that’s broken in their intelligent reconfiguration of the 4X strategy game, they’ve looked to expand on certain ideas and found it necessary to scrap certain elements of the accepted wisdom. It’s an immediately recognisable type of game, as John discovered to his horror and reports below, but while it may be from the same stock as its ancestors, it’s far more knowledgeable and well-travelled. The uncle from that curious branch of the family tree who only visits once a decade because he’s off having adventures in parts of the world you’ve never even heard of.

I miss Adam.

Dungeon Of The Endless is a different genre of game set within the same universe. Through the bowels of a spaceship, you defend a crystal against waves of enemies while carrying it from entrance to exit. It's brilliant and cunning in its design, twisting tower defence and roguelikes just as much as Space and Legend did 4X traditions.

It's also getting a successor in the more neatly named Endless Dungeon, in development now. It's one of two games Aplitude are making, alongside their big 4X swing at Civ, Humankind, which is due out in April. If you want to find out why both of these games are exciting, play their precessors for nothing this weekend.

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