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Hold back the endless hordes when Endless Dungeon begins this May

Amplitude's wave survival spin-off returns

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Endless Dungeon is set within Amplitude's Endless universe, but it's neither a 4X strategy game like Endless Space nor a turn-based tactics game like sorta-predecessor Dungeon Of The Endless. It's instead a co-op action roguelike, which takes the spaceship exploration and wave defense of Of The and makes it real-time, frantic, explosive.

It now has a release date, too: May 18th.

Here's a new trailer to celebrate:

Cover image for YouTube videoENDLESS™ Dungeon - Pre-Order Trailer

The standard edition will knock you back £25/$30 via Steam.

Although it's real-time, that doesn't mean there aren't tactical decisions to be had while playing the game. Endless Dungeon seems as concerned with how you and your pals spend your resources during a run as with how you aim your gun. Ed had a chance to try an early level in Endless Dungeon last year, and while he found it unforgiving and overwhelming as a new player, there was satisfaction to be found within it:

The game is a melting pot of turret defense, wealth management and hero-shooter, and when you strike the right balance of all three it makes for a really fun time. When the decisions you've made with its three currencies all pay off, there's great satisfaction in tactically positioning your turrets and watching hordes of aliens stall at their gates. And the heroes have cool abilities, like Bunker whose shield slam slices through waves, or Blaze's mines that provide some explosive cover for your favourite turrets.

Which, yeah, makes it sound quite a lot like Dungeon of the Endless, despite the changes. I look forward to giving it a go later this year.

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