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Endless Dungeon's closed beta for the part-tower defence, part-roguelite, part-squad tactics not-sequel to Dungeon of the Endless kicks off next month

You’ll have just shy of two weeks to give it a go.

A squad of characters open fire on space monsters in Endless Dungeon gameplay
Image credit: Amplitude Studios

Endless devs Amplitude Studios have announced a closed beta for their long-in-the-works, not-quite-a-sequel to Dungeon of the Endless, the not-at-all confusingly titled Endless Dungeon, and it’s happening next month.

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Endless Dungeon has been kicking around since the end of 2020, when Amplitude revealed they were working on something that was and wasn’t a sequel to its well-loved 2014 roguelite, turn-based, sorta-tower defence game.

Like Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Dungeon (yes, my head is spinning too) is a blend of top-down squad-based tactics, tower defence and roguelite progression, as the player and up to three pals fight their way through an abandoned space station and must protect their crystal from waves of gribbly space creatures.

Ed found it to be a promising - if punishing - follow-up to Dungeon of the Endless after some time with it last year, when its release date was originally planned for the middle of May. In April, that release got pushed back to October to allow Amplitude some time to polish and balance based on feedback from players.

A 'BLANG' sound effect visualises as something explodes in Endless Dungeon gameplay
Image credit: Amplitude Studios

Ahead of that new release date, you’ll be able to give Endless Dungeon a whizz during its closed beta from September 7th to September 18th. Included in the beta will be four heroes, 15 monsters, five environments and two bosses, the intriguingly-named Cagekeeper and Bug Momma. The beta will also show off the game’s hero quests for the first time.

To get access to the beta, you’ll have to pre-order the Last Wish Edition of the game, or know someone who has and is willing to share one of the two “multiplayer-only” passes they’ll get with it.

The closed beta will be PC only, available via Steam or Epic Games Store - although only Steam will get the bonus multiplayer passes - and is described by Amplitude as another chance for it to gather feedback from players before Endless Dungeon’s release date on October 19th.

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