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Humankind devs' hit roguelike Dungeon Of The Endless is free to keep on Steam

To celebrate the upcoming launch of semi-sequel Endless Dungeon

Image credit: Sega

Sega and Humankind developers Amplitude have begun their annual seasonal celebration Endless Summer to celebrate everything related to their loosely-connected Endless universe. From now until July 27th, there will be streams and news drops about their forthcoming tactical roguelite Endless Dungeon, and as a bonus, its excellent sort-of-predecessor Dungeon Of The Endless is free to keep on Steam for a limited time.

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Dungeon Of The Endless is a smoothie of different genres, blending dungeon-crawling elements with roguelike and tower-defence bits. After a spaceship-prison hybrid crashes, your group of survivors are stranded on an alien planet and have to haul an energy crystal through several randomly generated levels to escape.

Adam Smith (RPS in peace) had high praise for the game in his Dungeon Of The Endless review: “There's nothing to rank alongside it,” he wrote. “Influences and borrowings be damned - it stands alone and is as brilliantly designed, challenging, and cunning a package of ideas and aesthetic choices as anything I've seen this year. Short-form but a long-term commitment.”

You can grab Dungeon Of The Endless over on Steam, for free until July 27th.

Alongside this, Amplitude have also revealed a new hero we'll be playing in Endless Dungeon come release in a few months time. Featured in the embedded trailer above, the new character is a humanoid slug thing called Comrade Oruz who seemingly has a distaste for beverage-stealing insects. Their abilities also focus on deploying allied turrets, which should be useful for those alien hordes.

In contrast to the 4X strategy and turn-based tactics of Amplitude's other Endless games, such as Endless Space and Endless Legend, Endless Dungeon is a co-op tactical action roguelite, though there’s still a tower-defence flavour there too. The game was recently delayed to October 19th “better incorporate community feedback,” but you can find out more on Steam, where it’ll be available to buy for £25/€30/$30.

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