Tom Clancy’s Humble Tom Clancy Bundle Is Good

Humble Bundles normally pass me by these days, but this week’s Humble Tom Clancy Bundle, is worth a second look. For whatever fee you fancy you can get Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Rainbow Six 3, Rainbow Six Vegas, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Ghost Recon and access to the multiplayer beta for Rainbow Six Siege. Pay over the average of $8.09 (£5.29) however and you also get Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Splinter Cell, and Splinter Cell Conviction.

Less Patriot Games, more Pay-What-You-Want Games, eh? Eh?


Finally, if you pay more than $10 (£6.54), you also get Splinter Cell Blacklist and Ghost Recon Future Soldier. That’s almost 11 full games about stubbled men wearing skintight outfits and talking about “going hot”.

In many instances they’re really good games, too. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was at number 41 on our recent Best FPS list, and I’d personally have placed it higher thanks to its Terrorist Hunt mode, its co-op singleplayer, and the ability to simultaneously breach into a room from an abseiling position by swinging through the window. The original Rainbow Six Vegas is an almost identical game, too. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory meanwhile is one of the best stealth games ever made and still the peak of that series, while successor Splinter Cell Conviction is merely solid but, again, worthwhile for its co-op campaign.

Yes, you’ll have to redeem all these games through Uplay in order to play them. It’s a nuisance.


  1. Laini says:

    Yeah, you can get 11 games for like £8 but it’s uPlay, EWWWWW! :P

    Quite tempted by this one, I own most of them already but on Xbox or whatever, would be nice to have em all in one place.

  2. rocketman71 says:

    Yes, you’ll have to redeem all these games through Uplay in order to play them. It’s a nuisance.

    It’s not a nuisance, it’s a deal breaker. Especially when many of those games have no need for Uplay.

    I’m just not installing that piece of crap, which is sad given the upcoming Trackmania Turbo. Hope someone at Ubi regains their senses (hopeless, I know).

  3. Catweasel says:

    I don’t get WHY they’re only Uplay keys, a lot of these games are on Steam. I’m not interested in rebuying games I already own for a drm service I hardly ever use, I’ll just forget I have them on there anyway. On Steam I have over 1500 games and it’ll be easy to see them in my library with a quick search cause I always have Steam running. No thanks.

  4. WALLS says:

    My key for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory® (copy and paste works here but not uplay) doesnt work. i typed it in several times, all the no avail, and just now i recieved a temporary ban from uplay for trying to activate too many bad keys… what useless cunt thought that up? really is a terrible hassle of a drm

    • epeternally says:

      Steam does the same, actually not to offer too much defense to uPlay. It can be annoying but is a fairly reasonable measure to take against brutal force key guessing.

  5. Cyrus says:

    Ubisoft, eh? Haven’t purchased anything from them in quite a while, I’m not bound to start now either. Especially with uplay, the only one I’m really tempted at is Black Flag. The pleb seems to rate it. But sci-fi crap ruins Ass Creed really.

    They had their zenith as far as I see in the mid 00’s.
    When Splinter Cell was relevant and maybe Prince of Persia, as well as published other games such as Ghost Recon: AW.
    Whilst the latter was not great, but good enough.

  6. Jalan says:

    Ubisoft’s attempts at trying to drum up good publicity by pairing with Humble would be better met with greater amounts of enthusiasm if they made any real effort to have Uplay not be a malignant mess of headache-inducing shite toward the end users.

    • trn says:

      I strongly suspect their recent bundles are designed to overcome people’s opposition to UPlay.

      On a side note, I am really disappointed that Humble Bundle continue to engage in these major studio bundles. I’m glad they are raising a lot of cash, but when they do it, they are simply allowing themselves to be patsies for the major studios. No mistake, these last two Ubisoft bundles are about marketing – pure and simple. Bundle a few games nobody is buying anymore, gain a whole load of good will for helping charities and insinuate Uplay onto as many Pcs as possible.

      • Samjac0 says:

        Honestly a few of these games you have to go through Uplay even with a steam code.
        Hosting bundles by major game studios is the only reason humble bundle caught on and became popular enough to be a healthy, successful company today. I find your views a little narrow minded for my tastes, but I agree with you in thinking it’s a shame the keys are all Uplay. I find if the game publishers want to use their own crappy drm system rather than hastling with steam, that’s their decision.

        • Dare_Wreck says:

          You have most of that backwards – Humble caught on because of their earliest bundles promoting DRM-free indie games at a terrific price, and crossplatform at that. Major studios jumping on the bandwagon came much later.

          • sweenish says:

            No, you have it backwards. Humble started with the DRM-free charity bundles and really caught on with major publisher bundles. I think the first THQ bundle was easily their highest grossing bundle until the first EA one came around.

            Yes, they were known before, but they didn’t become crazy successful until they got in bed with the major publishers.

          • Dare_Wreck says:

            sweenish, I beg to differ. Look at the history of their bundles over here: link to The THQ bundle was not their best seller at the time (the Humble Indie Bundle V outsold it a bit earlier), and they were pulling in over a million dollars on quite a few bundles before that. I’d very much call them successful before the major publishing companies came around!

        • Spluff says:

          So essentially you’re saying that Humble raising millions for charity is bad because some big publishers get good publicity?

  7. acheron says:

    needs more Red Storm Rising.

  8. Donkeyfumbler says:

    I’m not one to usually join in the ‘DRM/Game client is awful’ bandwagon – I’m quite happy with Steam, GOG Galaxy and even Origin (just) – but I will make an exception for Uplay.

    Whereas Steam and Origin give you useful features to make up for the inconveniences and are functional most of the time, Uplay gives you nothing that you actually want and is mostly a broken, user-unfriendly mess. I’ve been an IT professional for almost 20 years now and even I struggle to get it working properly, so god knows how your average PC gamer manages.

    I was quite excited to see the email about the bundle at first because, rather bizarrely given my gargantuan game collection, I don’t actually own any ‘Clancy’ games at all. Seeing the Uplay symbol on the website stopped me in my tracks.

    Can I be arsed to battle with Uplay again, even for very cheap? Not sure right now – I’m thinking I might buy the $10 tier but then give all of that to charity and none to Ubisoft, or Humble, neither of whom deserve rewarding for trying to foist Uplay on even more people.

    • Smoof says:

      It’s funny, because just last night I was trying to fire up Heroes of Might and Magic 6 and couldn’t get passed uPlay to actually open the game. Each time I launched the game from Steam, uPlay would crash.

      Pretty unfortunate, I like a lot of Ubisoft games, but uPlay is just so unnecessary.

  9. gbrading says:

    Being Uplay is sad, but come on it’s Ubisoft, of course they’d do this. I remember I bought Driver: San Francisco some time last year which I can only play on Uplay; I’ve never actually played it because I keep forgetting it exists. :(

  10. frnknstn says:

    You can chose where your money goes:
    The "Humble" Bundle people, who are a full-on games retailer. One of the bundle options is a fucking game preorder.
    Children's Hospitals in the US and Canada
    Buy games for US troops overseas
    Give it to Ubisoft

  11. Premium User Badge

    Matchstick says:

    Hmmm original Ghost Recon is included along with the Desert Seige expansion but not Island Thunder – guess that’ll be one of the games added next week ?

    Pity there’s no sign of Sum of All Fears which transplanted the Ghost Recon engine to the interiors & CQB usually associated with Rainbow 6 and was surprisingly good fun.

  12. Jokerme says:

    I was like “wow, great bundle” until I saw they are all Uplay. What a shame. I literally don’t even want free games from Uplay. I have some codes that I don’t redeem at all. It is that bad.

  13. Cropduster says:

    No Rogue Spear? That was the highlight of the series for me.

  14. tonicer says:

    Uplay? NOPE! *runs away screaming*

  15. Timbrelaine says:

    I’m not married to Steam. I’m happy with GOG, the Humble Store (when it isn’t just selling keys), and sometimes the App Store and Google Play. Plenty of F2P multiplayer games have perfectly fine launchers and stores.

    But UPlay and Origin remain deal-breakers. I’ll pass on this one.

  16. DaftPunk says:

    Vegas 2 in best fps list,what the hell were you smoking RPS :D

  17. rebb says:

    Activated Ghost Recon key on UPlay, game is not showing up, even after UPlay restarts.

    My guess is that there is some sort of hidden region lock going on. I’m in germany, but the game is not “on the index” here either – what the fuck gives ?

    What a fantastic piece of software.