Dreamfall Chapters Ending Longest Journey Next Week

The dreamer is still dreaming.

The fifth and final episode of Dreamfall Chapters [official site] will arrive next week, developers Red Thread Games have announced. It’s the end of Dreamfall and likely the end of The Longest Journey too, the end of it all. It has been quite a long one: six months since Book Four came out; one-and-half-years since Book One; three-and-a-bit years since the Kickstarter which made this possible; a decade since the first Dreamfall; and almost seventeen years since The Longest Journey started it all. Here, have a peek at how it’ll end:

(Yes, they have said a “full” trailer is coming too.)

Book Five: Redux will wrap up Dreamfall, but this might be the last we see of its whole multiverse. Dreamfall is a sort of side-story to The Longest Journey, see, so its end doesn’t necessarily mean an end to it all. But while ideas have floated around for a proper sequel named The Longest Journey Home and it was even dangled before backers as a $2,000,000 stretch goal on the Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter, Red Thread only raised $1,538,425. They’re now calling Book Five “the final episode of The Longest Journey saga.” I’d expect an ultra-dramatic ending, then.

“The Longest Journey Home will probably never happen,” chief dreamer Ragnar Tørnquist said on Twitter yesterday. “At least not for a long, long time.”

Steel yourself for the end next Friday, June 17th.

If you’re tempted to revisit the first few episodes as a refresher, do remember that they’ve been fancied up with an engine upgrade. Redux will tweak Book One a bit too.


  1. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    I don’t look forward to it ending, but I do look forward to seeing its ending.

    I’ve been both pleased and disappointed with the Chapters so far—while Ragnar & Co. haven’t managed to set in motion a story that keeps my attention, they have brought back characters I care about, and introduced new ones too. Not long now to find out how they all end up.

  2. liquidsoap89 says:

    I’ve quite enjoyed my time with the admittedly flawed Chapters, so I’ll be a bit upset to see it all finally end. That is of course assuming that they don’t drop another 5 cliffhangers on us.

  3. Boronian says:

    Finally! I am really stoked for that! I am pretty late to the party (got the game through a Humblebundle) but I watched Let’s plays of the precedessors and loved them and loved this game too! It just is so good.
    I would back a sequel.

  4. Assaf says:

    Whaaaat? No TLJH? What a kinda sad ending to this saga!

    I mean, we fans waited YEARS for a TLJ sequel. And then we got Dreamfall, which wasn’t really bad, but wasn’t what we wanted – to continue April’s story.

    Then we waited more years for Chapters, and kickstarted it. And Ragnar dangled TLJH in front of us. I think the VAST majority of fans would have liked to see TLJH much more than Chapters, but I think we thought “well what can you do?”, backed it, and thought that we’ll wait for TLJH. And now who knows if we’ll ever see April’s story like it was meant to be seen.

    It’s just that, after playing TLJ I don’t know how many years ago, I wanted a new game with April’s story, not 2 games of Zoe’s.

    Still haven’t played Chapters, waiting for them all to be released. I just hope it’s a fitting conclusion to the saga, and that it will resolve most plot points\cliffhangers.

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      I’m preeeeeeetty sure April’s story came to an end in Dreamfall TLJ…

      • Ashabel says:

        It didn’t. Ragnar said in multiple interviews across many years that it didn’t. There is still one game left.

        The problem is that it looks like a lot of things behind the scenes are keen on not letting that game happen.

  5. Vandelay says:

    Thus is really, really sad to read. I’ve found Chapters just ok and must admit that I haven’t even played the Fourth episode yet. The only thing that really kept my interest was the prospect of this leading to a true Longest Journey sequel/prequel. A return to that style of adventure game would of been most welcome.

    This is the first I had heard that The Longest Journey Home was unlikely to happen. It may not of been kickstarted, but it’s inclusion as a stretch goal made me assume that it would definitely be happening at some point. I feel that ending with Chapters will make the series finish on a bit of a damp squib.

  6. Premium User Badge

    alison says:

    I also haven’t played the fourth episode, mainly because I started playing it in German and then got burned when the dub for episode three was massively delayed. Episode four didn’t get a dub at all. I am looking forward to catching up once they add the dub back in. Well, or I’ll start over in English, I guess. I do really love April as a protagonist, and the sci-fi world of The Longest Journey/Dreamfall/Chapters is one of my favorites.

    The dual worlds do make the trilogy an odd experience for me, though. I don’t care about any of the characters in the fantasy land, so it’s like playing half of a compelling sci-fi story while being forced to speed-run a dungeons and dragons campaign in parallel. The future world is terrifically well-realized and has countless throwaway moments of world-building that make me want to spend longer there as a tourist. Even if the overall story doesn’t bring much closure I’ll be happy I had the chance to visit the interesting half again.

    • Premium User Badge

      alison says:

      Wait, hang on, one of the previous posters confused me. I love Zoë as a protagonist. April lost me when she disappeared off into the fantasy land. I’m surprised people want to see more of her.

  7. Don Reba says:

    I guess I’ll have to force myself to complete the third episode at some point. Hoping it’s all uphill from here.

  8. draglikepull says:

    I’ve had fun playing this, but it’s another experience that’s somewhat soured me on the concept of episodic gaming. The gaps between episodes have been inconsistent and way too long. Five months between episodes 1 and 2, and close to six between episodes 3 and 4, and then again six months between 4 and 5.

    By the time a new episode comes out, I’ve pretty much forgotten what’s going on. And I never even know when to expect an episode. If episodic gaming is really going to work, the episodes need to come out on a consistent, predictable schedule, and it’s got to be fairly short (two months max, ideally once a month). Most episodic games are easier to enjoy if you just wait until the whole thing is done, which defeats the purpose.

    • Premium User Badge

      gritz says:

      Life is Strange nailed their episode schedule, and so do most Telltale games. The format is really effective when the developer can pull it off, and a huge weakness when they can’t.

      • draglikepull says:

        All three Telltale games I’ve subscribed to while they were episodic have had frustrating delays and inconsistent scheduling (The Walking Dead, TWD2, Wolf Among Us).

  9. Premium User Badge

    gritz says:

    To echo others in this thread: It’s really disappointing that Tornquist hasn’t figured out in over a decade and a half that all we want is a follow-up to one of the most critically and commercially successful point and click adventures of all time.

    Dreamfall was an awful disappointment, and Chapters doubles down on it instead of being a return to form (while obnoxiously aping better C&C games). This should have been easy, so it’s crazy how badly they missed the mark.

    Even a remaster of the original would satisfy a lot of people and generate a good amount of revenue (see also: DoubleFine), but even an obvious move like that is apparently a bridge too far.

    • Premium User Badge

      alison says:

      Wait, what? I am totally out of step with you guys here. Not to say I didn’t love The Longest Journey, but the story of Dreamfall was way more interesting to me. Granted, whoever thought it would be a good idea to add janky fight scenes and even jankier stealth to an adventure game needs a swift kick in the rear, but Zoë felt much more like a real person to me than April, and the ending of Dreamfall held a lot of emotional weight for me. Perhaps it’s because I am more of a sci-fi fan than a fantasy fan, but I found myself losing interest toward the end of TLJ due to it going full-on Narnia, whereas the cyberpunk remixery of Dreamfall just kept building till the climax.

      That said, I do think I agree with most of you that Chapters isn’t yet reaching the heights of either of those two, though I do wonder if the episodic nature hurt this game more than it helped it. Life is Strange worked very well because it was regular and gossip-worthy, like a season of Pretty Little Liars. Kentucky Route Zero isn’t regular, but works for me anyway because each episode is sort of its own weird little world. With Dreamfall I feel they’re trying to tackle a complex epic, and that’s something that might have a better impact digested all in one session.

      • Don Reba says:

        I enjoyed both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall. I didn’t even mind the fighty/stealthy bits. But the level of quality in Chapters has been falling episode to episode and by third got too depressing for me.

      • polecat says:

        I agree. I loved TLJ but didn’t feel it desperately needed a big follow up. I became a lot more invested in Zoe’s character and still find Dreamfall excellent. Both it and Chapters are admirably ambitious, though Chapters has been further away from realising it so far – been getting better and better, but Book Five is left with a lot to do. I feel much of the Kian stuff has been filler.

      • Premium User Badge

        gritz says:

        Yeah I’m not with you on that. The decision to split into 3 protagonists (one of whom is just awful) with only some small overlap really spread Dreamfall’s plot too thin. That wasn’t helped by its comparative lack of recognizable threats and villains, or its much weaker supporting cast.

        And that’s to say nothing of abandoning tried-and-true point and click puzzling for… whatever you’d call Dreamfall’s gameplay.

    • Booker says:

      I think you are overestimating slightly how much revenue one can generate with these games. Even DoubleFine barely gets away with it and they have the mighty LucasArts buzz going for them. There is no equal.

      Tornquist barely made his money on KS for this and I can totally see how this is a very sobering experience. No one wants to work for years on such a project to then sit in debt.

    • draglikepull says:

      Some people in this thread may not have wanted to see an extension of Dreamfall, but the Kickstarter raised $1.5M from people who did. Lots of people want lots of different things. There is no singular mass of fans of Ragnar’s work with one united goal.

  10. kalirion says:

    IIRC, TLJ had a real ending, while Dreamfall ended on a cliffhanger. So I’m glad Dreamfall was the one that got the sequel.

  11. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I’ve been really enjoying Chapters. I ended up waiting to play it and just finished playing all the way through Books 1-4 back to back. Probably helped the flow of the story not having to wait so much between episodes. Very much looking forward to the finale.

    I quite like the balance they struck between making it a traditional point & click and the somewhat more experimental original Dreamfall. It keeps the 3D space and free movement but merges it neatly with point & click interaction and puzzles and I really like the way they handle dialogue and choices (the thinking out loud over dialogue wheels is a neat iteration on Mass Effect/Walking Dead style choice). I really like the story and the characters so far. Overall it’s basically everything I wanted from a Dreamfall/TLJ continuation.

    The only thing I don’t like is that there is not enough animation on the characters. They’re often static to the point of being distracting, especially in conversations, which I guess is where the budget shows its limits. The overall art-style is great but coming off games like Witcher 3 and Mass Effect, or even Walking Dead, I expect game characters to be more expressive in this day and age.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      [edit: “even Walking Dead” cause it’s less detailed and high-budget than Witcher 3 or the later Mass Effects, but still very expressive, so clearly you can still do a lot with a little depending on your priorities]

  12. Bradamantium says:

    I haven’t actually played Dreamfall yet and have thus been holding off on its Chapters, but after playing The Longest Journey, I have absolutely no compulsion to return to April’s story like all the rest of these folks. The game and the world are great, but April is the weakest part of the equation, emblematic of a time when adventure characters needed to be sarcastic, edgy laugh riots out of some vague fear that no one would take a story that serious, well, seriously. And it all wrapped up pretty well, didn’t it?

  13. MasTArrrRR says:

    I’m excited for the final Book, but I’m saddened that it’s the end. Having said that, seeing how loved this series is, I highy doubt it really is the end. Though for now it is anyhow.

  14. Claus says:

    I started this series with playing The Longest Journey (Great game!) many years ago , and I also played Dreamfall (not as great, but still great) a few years later. Of course, I am through with books I to IV of Dreamfall Chapters, and I can hardly await the final book V. I’m already counting the seconds …

    I am sure that, when I will have finished book V, I will replay the whole thing. It’s worth it!

  15. lolaaaaa says:

    WHERE IT IS??? June 17th ist arrived but still not any update… :-((((