PlayStation Now Is Bringing PS3 Classics To Your PC – The Last of Us, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank And More

Oh frabjous day! You will soon [UPDATE: tomorrow if you’re in the UK, Belgium or Netherlands] be able to stream PlayStation exclusive games like Uncharted, The Last of Us and Heavy Rain on PC, Sony has announced. The streaming service, PS Now, originally let PlayStation 4 users play older PS3 games for a subscription and currently costs £12.99/$19.99 per month. Sony are also bringing out a wireless USB adapter for their DualShock 4 controller, for anyone who wants to use their joypad on PC and does not want to fiddle around with unofficial driver packages to do so.

According to the announcement, the recommended specs for running PS Now include:

Windows 7 (SP1), 8.1 or 10
3.5 GHz Intel Core i3 or 3.8 GHz AMD A10 or faster
300 MB or more; 2 GB or more of RAM
Sound card; USB port
Minimum 5Mbps internet connection

It’s important to note that PS4 games won’t be available – this is strictly the last generation we’re talking about. And nothing is being ported, it’s all streaming – a fairly young technology with its own pros and cons. But there’s still tons of potential goodies for anyone willing to try it out (luckily there’s a 7-day free trial). God of War, Ratchet & Clank, Journey and hundreds more. For those of us who forsook the PS3, there’s a feast of stuff you might have missed out on.

The PS Now service had been rumoured to be coming to PC as long as a few weeks ago, thanks to reports on a French gaming site. Another clue was discovered on Sony’s own doorstep, just hours before the announcement, accidentally buried in the alt text of a blog post.

Twitter user Wario64 spotted the alt text in a post on PlayStation Europe’s blog about VR. The text read: “PS Now on PC Announce Post by Playstation Europe”. It was quickly fixed by somebody behind the scenes.

The service will be available tomorrow for those in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium, with no official launch date yet given for other territories. Originally, Sony had said that the European launch would be first, with the US “shortly thereafter”.


  1. Faults says:


    Ah well. PCSX3 should be stable in a year or two. I’ll wait.

    • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

      Yeah, I see nothing to be happy about here: you don’t own the games you pay for, and you need to be online (with a reliable connection, and potentially lethal bandwidth charges) to play them? There are a lot of PS3 ports I’d pay for, but seems Sony would rather I rely on emulation.

    • commentingaccount says:

      Considering PCSX2 is a piece of shit for many games(Including some high profile Sony games like the Ratchet and Clank games), I doubt RPCS3 will be good any time soon. CELL is a bitch to emulate.

      Don’t be fooled by the occasional fast progressing emulator. It’s usually due to system exclusive quirks and design flaws/strengths. The PS3 will take a long, long time to emulate worth a fuck.

      • TillEulenspiegel says:

        PCSX2 also does a ton of games extremely well. Emulating the PS3 perfectly is definitely impossible, but it should be feasible to recompile everything to x86 and OpenGL like all modern emulators do. An enormous reverse engineering task, but not impossible.

        Anyway, too bad about the $20/month. There’s just not enough I want to play on PS3 to go for that.

      • Faults says:

        Cell is nowhere near as radical / strange a design as everybody thinks it is. Most of the workload in Cell is handled by a fairly standard hyperthreaded PowerPC core, which is already extensively documented and emulated.
        Of course, the Cell’s SPE cores are the real sticking point, but given that they were largely unsuitable for conventional software operations anyway (there are many PS3 games that don’t even utilise the SPEs at all), it’s likely that only partial emulation would be necessary for a lot of titles.

        It’s not like I’m expecting to get perfect PS3 emulation overnight, mind you, but I’d much rather wait to play titles natively (albeit probably buggily) than pay a subscription fee to play last-gen games I can’t even own.

    • animal says:

      Dang you Caldwell! For a second I was really happy, thinking I could play Last of Us again (like it was meant to be played, with a keyboard and mouse)…but then I saw the streaming text.

  2. Moraven says:

    link to

    The DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller and Adaptor are also compatible with the PlayStation Now subscription service on Windows PC, available on 24th August in the UK, Belgium and Netherlands.

  3. ran93r says:

    No SSX?
    No Bueno.

    • Moraven says:

      Electronic Arts game, which there is none of on PlayStation Now.

  4. Premium User Badge

    gritz says:

    Crossing my fingers for the Metal Gear Solid HD compilation. Shadow of the Colossus and Ico remasters would be pretty sweet too.

  5. Ghostwise says:

    $20 a month ? There might be some misunderstanding about the budget most people have available.

    • Nauallis says:

      Not at all; that being the purpose of a budget, after all, allowing a person to plan their expenditures in whatever way they deem necessary. “Most folks” have a wide array of esoteric and independent preferences.

    • Don Reba says:

      About the same as buying 4 games a year, no?

  6. Carra says:

    Bought a second hand PS3 with a bunch of games two years ago, everyone wanted a PS4 and sold their old console for pennies.

    Got to say, The Last of Us is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Give it a go if you haven’t already.

    • Pazguato says:

      Why the last of us sucks.

      Review by Michael Barnes.

      link to

      Heavy Rain doesn’t need a whole well-argued critique to tell why it sucks.

      • Guy Montag says:

        oh hey look everyone has different opinions and all reactions to media are wholly subjective anyway

        what a beautiful world

  7. Spuzzell says:

    I hated Onlive due to the soggy graphics and input.

    Can any PS4 owners who don’t mind admitting to that perversion tell me if PS Now streaming works any better?

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      You ain’t heard this from me, right, but I stream through Now on a PS4 and it ain’t no bovver, guv, no bovver at all. And that’s running through the fackin’ wifi rather than a propah physical connection.

      • Spuzzell says:

        My thanks, you colourful little Cockahnee scamp. Off with you now, the kitchen may have some scraps.

      • w0bbl3r says:

        Get out cockney console peasant filth

  8. Herzog says:

    The streaming part is not really interesting. But I like that there is official controller support from Sony for the PC!

    • Premium User Badge

      The Almighty Moo says:

      Yes, but seemingly only via dongle which strikes as a bit off for Bluetooth enabled controllers. I haven’t seen anything about straight support hooking up that way…

  9. jonahcutter says:

    Wonder if the games will work with m/kb.

    I’d love another playthrough of LoU or the Uncharted series with m/kb for aiming.

    • Flavour Beans says:

      Took me a minute to figure out what you were saying. I was thinking “Wait… something per kilobit?”

  10. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    Subscription seems a tad expensive but I like what this means for the future of backwards compatibility.

  11. golem09 says:

    Just install InputMapper to use your PS4 Controller on your PC. It has more options than any official tool probably have anyway, and it’s as convention as it gets. Install, hook up the bluetooth controller, done.

  12. w0bbl3r says:

    Wasn’t streaming on PC already tried with actual PC games? And it sucked?
    I can’t believe people are excited to play a few PS3 games streamed (at lower res) to their monitor, with a controller no less. FOR A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION at that.

    People are so gullible these days.

  13. Phantom_Renegade says:

    So, do I need to use a proper sony controller, or will my 360 pc controller do? If I have to pay for the controller and the adaptor on top of the sub, which comes with it’s own set of nonsense. Namely, it being streaming, not actually owning any of the games etc.

  14. April March says:

    Wait, do you have to pay for the subscription service and then on top of that buy (a licence for) the games? Or does the subscription include the games, Kindle Unlimited style?

    I have literally never owned a Playstation console.

    • Bull0 says:

      You pay for the subscription and have everything. There is an option to rent games for non subscribers but it’s a ripoff

      • April March says:

        Oh, OK, thanks. It doesn’t sound that ridonckolous, then.

  15. DinoSteak says:

    Ok I’ll be the one to say it…Sony is making some really poor decisions right now. Just the other day they announced an upcoming $10 increase in PS Plus subscription prices, an unwanted and unnecessary lateral move with the new 4k console releases, and now this? They seem to feel offering loyal customers less for more money is a good idea right now in a market that just won’t put up (read PAY) for these kinds of cash grab antics anymore. I’m more than a little worried about their future.

    • Faults says:

      Yeah, a lot of it feels like they’re playing fast and loose with the goodwill they received at the start of this console cycle, same as Microsoft did following their success with the 360.

    • Emeraude says:

      I’m thinking they caught up to MS, and seeing the averaging out of platforms we’ve had in the past ten years, how they changed consoles into subpar PCs with no turning back on the one hand, and the the success of Steam on the other, they’re now thinking the software platform is going to be worth more – where it’s at really – in the long run and trying to reposition themselves into actually being able to sustain the upcoming needed transition(s)… without doing so too brutally for fear of a xbone-like backlash. Especially since they probably don’t know yet where they’re going themselves apart from that general direction.

  16. vanhisa says:

    But dualshock 4 use a general Bluetooth? Why buy another proprietary expensive dongle?

  17. j0m3r says:

    It is not available here yet in Netherlands, “region, country not support”