Shadow Warrior 2 Getting Free New Challenge Mode

Shadow Warrior 2 [official site] is “anarchic, excessive, ridiculous, occasionally spectacular and almost entirely wonderful”, our Adam will tell you. Now, I’m not saying you should do and believe everything Adam might tell you – please don’t worship him as a minor ale deity, not again – but he’s not wrong there. Now that it’s out, developers Flying Wild Hog and publishers Devolver Digital are gabbing about what’s next. Freebies including new missions and weapons, for starters. They’re a bit vague but hey, more of a good game is coming, and that’s good.

As they’re not too specific, I’ll quote the blurb from Devolver so you can’t roll your eyes and wonder what I’ve left out:

“The first piece is the introduction of the first game’s ultimate katana and fan favorite, the Nobitsura Kage, into Shadow Warrior 2. Coming updates to Shadow Warrior 2 will include new missions and an ultra-hard challenge mode alongside new weapons, items, and co-op ninja characters.”

The game’s hardly short of weapons but hey, maybe they’ll add some cool stuff. New co-op characters sounds nice too. It all sounds nice. Sure!

Also coming up with new things (and possibly due out any second now) is update Shadow Warrior 2 game director Michal Szustak explains:

“We’re adding some new features like insane difficulty tiers, rebalance of some skills and drop system, better crafting and a lot of bug fixes, so it needs to be tested properly.”

It was due out yesterday but is, last I heard, now expected some time today.


  1. AutonomyLost says:

    This game is saweeeet. Still loving it, and should be able to make some more progress this weekend. I’m glad to hear FWH have updates/add-on freebies in mind and on the way. Perrrfick.

  2. Inex says:

    That’s quite a crude header photo.

  3. SlimShanks says:

    So far I am shocked that Shadow Warrior 2 is so consistently great. I love the environments, the combat design is incredible, and feels great, and the dialogue is pretty funny. I get the same feeling of extremely pleasant surprise I got playing the new Wolfenstein.
    Apparently the way of the Wang is long and hard.

  4. vorador says:

    Very few games have gotten a second playtrough from me immediately after finishing the first.

    This is one of them.

    Really looking forward to see what Flying Wild Hog will cook for the game.

  5. Moonboy says:

    this game is so disappointing :(

  6. RSW2002 says:

    The mentioned update ( has turned the game from a fast-paced FPS with RPG elements into a full-on Borderlands clone, including excessive and tedious grinding of mobs that swarm you in hordes and can one-shot you with undodgeable attacks. Developers can be glad most of the professional reviews are already out. A lot of players are angry and venting about it on the Steam forums/reviews. GOG owners can simply go back to, Steam owners can’t. You’d think developers would be more careful about customer satisfaction after the fiascos that were Mafia III (PC) and No Man’s Sky.

    • nogglebeak says:

      You could disable auto-updates until you are sure you want the new content if this is a problem for you, and also reinstall the game. Blame steam for that, not the game.