Emily Is Away Too Is Another Jab At That ’00s AOL Kid in You

Emily Is Away was a huge callback for me. It instantly took me back to the days where I would languish on AOL Instant Messenger and wait for my role-playing buddies to sign on so I could pretend I was talking to Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta. So, despite my issues with the wishy-washy dialogue in some instances, I’m glad to see its getting a sequel in the form of Emily Is Away Too [official site].

This time around you’ll get to chat with both Emily and Evelyn instead of Emily only, and that’s great because she sometimes got into her angsty all-lowercase chat moods and got on my nerves when I was trying to reach out and be friendly. “Right in the childhood,” or “teenage years,” as bizarre headlines might proclaim when Emily Is Away Too reaches mainstream publications.

But Emily Is Away Too is bringing a lot more than just AOL IM chats. There’s going to be YouTube links, Facebook profiles and even file transfers, presumably between the three of you. If it’s anything like my high school years it’s probably single MP3 files and links to videos like “Pretty Much Everywhere, It’s Gonna Be Hot.” Then I don’t need a jacket! Thanks, Arthur.

The game is scheduled for a 2017 release, so there’s still time for you to attempt to wade through the enormous slate of fall stuff while 2016 is still going – and the original game is still pay-what-you-want on Itch. I never left those awkward teenage years Emily Is Away meant to rekindle and I still use AIM, as well as terrible buddy icons, but that doesn’t mean I won’t happily lap up all the nostalgia that will be flowing readily from Emily Is Away Too’s teat.


  1. Bum Candy says:

    Emily is away was great and thoroughly depressing at the same time.

  2. tixylix says:

    I only care if it has the UK’s Joanna Lumley and not the horrible US voice.

  3. StAUG says:

    I only used MSN in high school, can I still play?

    • astromaddie says:

      You’ll have to wait for the MSN port, sorry. Hopefully it’ll come with Messenger Plus!

  4. Vermintide says:

    Heeeh? Speak up, I cant hear yeh, what’s this Youtube thinger? We didn’t have none of them facebooks when I was your age. Why back in my day we waited an hour for a single MP3 to come through on WinMX and we were happy with it! We waited a whole afternoon to get a Robbie Williams video to come up on Yahoo Music and we were damn impressed! I remember when that motherfucker Chris managed to change the colour of his display name on MSN and the entire school thought he was some kind of dark wizard. I bet that got him laid, you know. Ahh, I bet being young sucks, ya damn whippersnappers, you’ll never have it as great as we did…

  5. RustySporkhatto.a@gmail.com says:

    …I’m glad I’m not the only one that did DBZ Roleplay on AOL. That shit was fun, even though I got stuck playing Krillin.