Darkest Dungeon update adding enemies, but expansion delayed

New enemies are coming to Darkest Dungeon [official site] as part of the upcoming free update adding a shorter (but not easier) ‘Radiant’ mode. That’s the word from developers Red Hook Studios, who say they’re planning to launch the update by early February with other a number of “quality of life” tweaks too. The bad news is that all this extra work will push the dungeon crawler’s expansion, the vampiric Crimson Court, back into April. I’ll happily wait for that, especially if other fanciness is coming first. Like that ↑ new cheerleading Bone Bearer.

Four new enemies are coming to Champion (level 5) dungeons with the Radiant update, Red Hook say. They’ve only revealed the banner-waving Bone Bearer, who I’m told “are even said to tap into the hoarish energies that animate the long-decayed corpses” and will be skulking around Ruins dungeons. Some of that git Vvulf’s mega-tough bandit pals will roam beyond that special encounter and into regular Champion-grade bandit lineups too.

Red Hook say they’ve been looking at player feedback and the update will bring “a number of tweaks, tuning adjustments and improvements that affect all modes” too.

This is all, sadly but acceptably, knocking the Crimson Court expansion back a touch.

“After the decision was made to double down and add content as part of the Radiant update, this unavoidably shifts Crimson Court date a bit, but we feel this is for the greater good of the game. A significant amount of work has already been completed for the Crimson Court, and we are estimating it will ready in April.”

I can wait! I think I’ll try to finish up my current run once this patch hits, then go for a fresh Radiant mode run once Crimson Court hits.


  1. Joe Clark says:

    Genuinely misread “Bone Bearer” as “Bone Beater” =/

    • shde2e says:

      I read it as an actual Bone Cheerleader, including pom-poms and the whole skedaddle.

    • Great Cthulhu says:

      “Bone Beaver” for me. Not sure what I was expecting.

  2. Haborym says:

    Bone beating, the favorite pastime of men everywhere

  3. magogjack says:

    I need this game to be about half again as long and then I might actually give a good go at finishing it. I grew up on grinding games and although I like the combat; “I am to old for this shit.”

  4. Parrilla says:

    Couldn’t get into it. Did a couple of dungeons and thought, so it’s just going to be loads of this? And lost interest. Actually dungeon crawling was a bit tedious.