theHunter: Call of the Wild starts stalking in February

theHunter: Call of the Wild [official site] sounds almost like a game I’d adore. Pottering through countryside, woods, and wetlands (built in the same shiny engine as Just Cause 3) which teem with wildlife, through day and night, sun and rain, is very much my bag. I’m less keen on the ‘shooting animals’ part. Seems a shame to disrupt an afternoon stroll with bangs and blood, yeah? However, emboldened after reading Brendan’s ridealong with a real hunter through its free-to-play precursor, I think I’ll have a crack at Call of the Wild on its newly-announced release date of February 16th.

The stealth FPS is set in 50 square miles of virtuaoutdoors, full of animals to track and kill for challenges and funsies. I’m quite serious when I call it a stealth game; learning how different animals live and react, and how to deceive and lure them, is very important. Hiding by observing wind direction and staying downwind is a concept more interesting to me than throwing cans so mooks turn their backs.

It’s got multiplayer for up to eight too.

A pretty new trailer, focusing on the rural scenes I’m so interested in, accompanied the release date announcement:

Or this one from December goes far more into the hunting side of the woodland strolls:

Call of the Wild won’t be free-to-play, by the way.

Do check out Brendans’s theHunter ridealong and all. That clever boy has been nominated for an award and all.


  1. Flangie says:

    Thankfully, they aren’t real animals so should be fine. To be honest, I’m sure that the ‘skills’ learnt here would equip most people for actual hunting to the same extent that CoD would be sufficient training to serve in Afganistan.

    Not really the sort of game that I would really consider either, but the stealth aspect sounds pretty fun. If it requires more skill than FC3 or 4, it could be a lot of fun.

    Can I make a warthog into a holster though?

  2. Lurid says:

    Me and a friend tried the original way back before it was even on steam. It was fun… but then the microtransaction blockade appeared.

  3. Tom89 says:

    Crying out for a zombie mod no?

  4. shloo says:

    Do we know if this is free to play or paid?

    I hope its paid because I really don’t like their f2p format making people pay for ammo for guns they spend real money on. I just want a clean hunting experience without the nickle and diming.

    • shloo says:

      Here is what I found:

      Cost: $29.99. One time flat fee with no microtransactions. DLC will however be a possibility later on.

      Release date: (this shouldn’t even have to be here) But it says in this post FEBRUARY 16, 2017.

      • fish99 says:

        Sounds good. I hated the payment model for the original. It made the game poor value for occasional players.

  5. Someoldguy says:

    The goalless open play model is always something I struggle with. Once I’ve shot one flock of ducks, why would I want to keep doing it? I can see why others would do it though. That only makes me wonder at the RPG elements improving your skills and getting better camo gear etc. If the game is going to get easier as you go on, wasn’t the biggest challenge right at the outset?

  6. onodera says:

    Now that’s a game I would really want to play in VR.

  7. Sic says:

    That first trailer linked reads like a parody for me.

    I honestly think hunters have a brain malfunction. I will never understand how taking a life or destroying something beautiful has anything to do with experiencing or loving nature.

    The game itself looks excellent, though. A perfect starting point for a mod community to go wild (pun, of course, intended). I’m imagining just adding the ability to shoot your friends will open up a foray into hyper-realistic death matches. In the vein of First Blood, Deliverance, and similar “survival” oriented products.

    Imagine a mod where one guy is cut loose into the forest with nothing (but the ability to craft all sorts of elaborate things out of practically everything), and a team of (smelly, so that the John Rambo character can smell them downwind) yokel hunters with realistic weapons going after him.

    How bloody excellent would that be?

    • MellowKrogoth says:

      Brain malfunction might be a bit exaggerated. After all we’ve evolved as hunters as a species for most of our existence, and that’s still what we are through our genes, not far under the thin veneer of civilization. Nature is a sometimes incredibly cruel cycle of life and has many predators, and we’re one of them.

      You’re probably much closer to nature when out hunting in the woods like this, than when eating meat that comes in a plastic wrap at the grocery store.

      This said my personal feelings right now is that I would have a hard time killing an animal. I don’t find hunting for sport with firearms very noble, either. What I admire is the Native Americans who hunted mostly to east, and used to ask forgiveness to the animal.

    • P.Funk says:

      “I will never understand how taking a life or destroying something beautiful has anything to do with experiencing or loving nature.”

      Nature is nothing but an ongoing life taking process if you spend enough time watching it and historically hunting culture is based on the idea of having a respectful symbiotic relationship with the land, at least that’s the lesson overhunting in the industrial era taught hunters who in the late 19th century affirmed a near universal respect for the ideal that hunting has to come with the moral obligation of conservation.

      Hunting is a rural thing for the most part and its related to the self sufficiency inherent to that way of life so hunting is obviously going to have a strong cultural attachment but on top of that if you don’t have people hunting as a tradition then some deer populations are going to explode so much that the state will just hire cull hunters to shoot masses of deer and it will just be a paycheck to them. If they don’t cull them then they overrun highways and starve to death en mass in the winter.

      Also I assume most guilty white men recognize that native peoples make a big deal out of hunting and using traditional methods of subsistence in order to reconnect with their heritage. If they can do this with our blessing I think there’s room for white guys to go hunting too without being labeled misfit sociopaths with penis envy, but that’s just my not-popular-on-campuses opinion on the matter.

    • FieldyGB says:

      Sic, have you ever eaten venison, pheasant, partridge, duck or any game? If yes then you’re likely to have eaten meat that has been hunted. Would you rather these animals were put in pens and slaughtered on demand? Hunting isn’t about the thrill of killing, I really fail to understand why do people don’t get this.

  8. Captain Narol says:

    Congrats to Brendan for his nomination !

    Btw I noticed that Claudia Lo also got nominated for her article on RPS about Rimworld so congrats to her too !!

  9. Kushiel says:

    Thanks for that link to the gaming journalism nominees – very nice to have a Best Of reading list to get caught up on.