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TheHunter: Call Of The Wild's next DLC lets you walk a very good boy

Get yourself a bloodhound sidekick

I've always kept my eyes trained on TheHunter: Call Of The Wild. It seems like a hunting sim I'd enjoy, less so for quick-scoping deer, and more for going on lovely hikes in lush forests. And I may finally pull the trigger, as there's a DLC on the way that adds bloodhound companions.

The Bloodhound DLC for will add canine sidekicks that'll help you sniff out prey. And as you embark on gnarly hunts together, it'll gain experience and gradually become more efficient in leading you to your next hapless victim.

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You also won't be lumped with a dog you're not keen on, as you can choose its gender, name it, and customise its fur coat to your liking. Of course, you'll be able to pet and reward your dog after a fine hunt. It's all about building that bond, after all, and there's no better bond-builder than exacting death on wildlife.

If anything, I want to play TheHunter: CoW as a dog walking sim. I'll just carry around a .50-cal sniper rifle as a way to ward off bad spirits, while I traipse around peaceful mountaintops and verdant fields. Even if my bloodhound, Sir Killalot, pushes me towards every animal we cross with hunger in his eyes, I'll pat him on the head and say, "No death today, good booooyyy", then carry on walking. I'd hope that my pacifism would rub off on him.

The Bloodhound DLC is due out soon, and you can follow TheHunter: CoW over on its Steam page.

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