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Ultimate Audio Bang #30: Steam's most wishlisted FPS is in our crosshairs

Plus more stories from our hunts

On this week's episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang, we get an update on Hayden's knees and the various ways in which he's attempting to save them. We also take a gander at fantasy FPS Dark And Darker, Steam's most wishlisted 'shooter'. I'm less keen on it than Hayden is.

In the second part of the pod, we talk about the goals we've achieved in theHunter: Call Of The Wild, including a tale about moose and a deer that knocked me out.

If there's one thing we like talking about on the pod, it's Hayden's broken knees. He provides an update on them, with some bizarre exercises he now has to do in order to save them. After said knee chat, we process our thoughts on early access hit Dark And Darker, a sort of dark fantasy Escape From Tarkov with swords instead of guns. Hayden gets its appeal, and I sort of do, but also question whether hardcore fantasy FPSing needs a more welcoming intro.

After half time, we talk about how we've become more natural hunters in theHunter, opening codexes and spraying ourselves with masking scent automatically. We smashed some goals too, like using a deer's resting spot and making use of a glitch to down an enormous moose.

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