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theHunter: Call of the Wild starts stalking in February

Pretty stealth-o-shoot-a-strolling

theHunter: Call of the Wild [official site] sounds almost like a game I'd adore. Pottering through countryside, woods, and wetlands (built in the same shiny engine as Just Cause 3) which teem with wildlife, through day and night, sun and rain, is very much my bag. I'm less keen on the 'shooting animals' part. Seems a shame to disrupt an afternoon stroll with bangs and blood, yeah? However, emboldened after reading Brendan's ridealong with a real hunter through its free-to-play precursor, I think I'll have a crack at Call of the Wild on its newly-announced release date of February 16th.

The stealth FPS is set in 50 square miles of virtuaoutdoors, full of animals to track and kill for challenges and funsies. I'm quite serious when I call it a stealth game; learning how different animals live and react, and how to deceive and lure them, is very important. Hiding by observing wind direction and staying downwind is a concept more interesting to me than throwing cans so mooks turn their backs.

It's got multiplayer for up to eight too.

A pretty new trailer, focusing on the rural scenes I'm so interested in, accompanied the release date announcement:

Watch on YouTube

Or this one from December goes far more into the hunting side of the woodland strolls:

Watch on YouTube

Call of the Wild won't be free-to-play, by the way.

Do check out Brendans's theHunter ridealong and all. That clever boy has been nominated for an award and all.

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