Deus Ex launches Breach F2P spin-off, free VR doodad

Two free spin-offs from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [official site] launched today, as its arcade mode Breach has become a free-to-play standalone game and a new virtual reality explore-o-zone is out too. Breach going standalone isn’t a huge surprise, as it was already very cheekily monetised with microtransactions, but hey I’ll welcome its cybersneaking in virtual virtual reality. And as for actual physical virtual reality, the new Mankind Divided ‘VR Experience’ lets cybermen poke around a few environments from the game and peer at some character models as if one were on Futuretinder.

So! Breach is up on Steam, free to download now. It’s an arcade mode reskinning the usual Deus Ex sneak-o-shooting as you being a leet hacker jacking into cyberspace to swipe data, duffing up baddies who represent security protocols or whatnot. Cool hacks mean points mean prizes in the form of upgrades (and leaderboard placings, obvs). Selling upgrades for actual real cash was bang out in Mankind Divided as a paid game but as F2P, er, it seems this is how it was meant to be all along. Oh, and it has music from the Neotokyo chap. Breach seems a bit of a throwaway mode within Mankind Divided but hey, if you can’t/won’t buy that maybe you’ll fancy fiddling with this for free. It looks a little something like this:

The Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – VR Experience is free to download here on Steam. It packs four worldslices from the game, including Jensen’s grimy apartment, and I believe also has a model viewer to stare at people. I don’t know; I’m not gogged up. The VR Experience works with both Rift and Vive cybergoggs.

In other recent Deus Ex news, Squeenix this week announced new Mankind Divided story DLC, Criminal Past.


  1. IAmKale says:

    The VR Experience works with both Rift and Oculus cybergoggs.

    Do you mean “both Rift and Vive cybergoggs”?

  2. Suits says:

    I think they tacked more Breach stuff on main game version too judging by the achievements, ugh..

    • Suits says:

      This was in November apparently, managed to purge it from my mind the last time

  3. Darth Gangrel says:

    The news about the new DLC for Deus Ex: MD made me wanna listen to Deus Ex: HR’s OST on youtube again (which I’m doing right now, fyi). There are several who say there that both the OST of HR and the game itself is much better than MD, though I think I’ll love it anyway.

    I hope it is successful enough to warrant a sequel, but I never asked for this. VR and F2P are two things I have no experience with and with my backlog/prejudice combo, I don’t intend that to change.

  4. Eleven says:

    So I just tried out the freebee VR demo, and I really wanted to be more impressed than I actually was.

    It’s not bad per se, the talent of the artists and the amount of work they put in in obvious, but the levels somehow seem unconvincingly clunky in VR compared to how slick they felt playing it normally. Even big budget AAA graphics look primitive when you take away the obstruction of a monitor and see it as if with your own eyes.

    Also, Adam Jensen is way thinner than you think he is. Like emaciated. And he has really bad skin.

  5. milligna says:

    Really would love someone brought in to do VR coverage. The same 2 jokes for 4 years get old.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      We have a resident gogghead — Alec — but we’re hardly going to have him write every post related to VR. He’s a busy boy, and this VR tech demo isn’t so groundbreaking that it needs a specialist to write (half) a news post about its release.

      And these cyberjokes are cybergreat, you goggmonger. Four years is nothing.

  6. icemann says:

    I seem to be in the minority in that I really enjoyed breach. Played all the levels (besides the ones that are locked off unless you 100% everything).

    Found it to be a more old school cyberpunk experience compared to Mankind Divided. Plays more like Shadowrun really. Very much a mix of hacking, stealth and combat. Not bad story to it all as well.

  7. Jugglenaut says:

    The “So! Breach is up on Steam, free to download now.” link just leads back to this page, rather than to steam.

  8. Ahkey says:

    It’s pretty clear that Breach is where the publisher’s interest lies. Why fund a singleplayer game appealing to a specific audience for a one-off fee when you can launch and run a broad appeal multiplayer game with a greatly reduced budget and a steady stream of micro transactions?