Planescape: Torment’s Enhanced Edition released

What can change the nature of a game? It’ll take more than high-res support and a scalable UI to change Planescape: Torment, but why would you want to muck with its guts? Black Isle’s RPG is still a fine thing, and the Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition [official site] simply makes running it on modern systems less of a faff. A worthy re-release! Our Alec told us all Wot He Thought of the Enhanced Edition back in March but it actually only launched last night. Break out your gel pens and start updating your journal.

Planescape: Torment, to refresh your memory, is a 1999 RPG from Fallout creators Black Isle Studios. It’s the fantasy adventures of a chap who wakes up on a mortuary slab with no memory of who he is, then sets out to discover what happened to him, who he was, and the answer to one question: what can change the nature of a man? The game is technically tied into Dungeons & Dragons worlds but isn’t typical fantasy guff, set in a weird city where many dimensions cross converge. It’s big on words, light on (rubbish) combat, and often funny, interesting, and touching.

Here, Kieron had a good retrospective look at Torment years ago.

The Enhanced Edition whipped up by Beamdog is basically just Torment wrapped up to play nicely with modern systems. Mods have tackled some of the same issues before but this brings a few nice extra touches and no faffing with mods. As Alec said:

“Not played PST before? PSTEE is all the invitation you need. Native high-res support, scalable UI, a few helping hands and most of all it just works. Played PST before? Well, like me, the last time round you probably did it modded, and as such PSTEE, though a smoother ride, won’t feel particularly revelatory. If it’s your first time back since 1999, however, rest assured that it treats your memories well.”

Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition is out for Windows, Mac, and Linux at £14.99/19,99€/$19.99 from Steam, GOG, and Beamdog.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Now we just need a Bethesda open world Planescape Torment with quest icons and loot scaling.

    Come on, follow the fallout tradition!

    The Lady of Pain needs you to run a fetch quest!

    • N'Al says:

      You are evil.

    • mouton says:

      I wouldn’t even be angry at this point.

      • Dogshevik says:

        Just sad? I bet it´s sad.

        But no worries. Being able to choose between 6 different outfits for GEMS (available via the store) will cheer you up in no time.

    • Someoldguy says:

      We really need Beamdog to stop rehashing old titles and actually make something completely original. I thought the whole point of them revamping a couple of classic titles was to finance a new project. Instead they just seem to be stuck in a cycle of finding other infinity engine games to polish up slightly for the modern gaming rigs.

      • N'Al says:

        To be fair, there aren’t many more left after this!

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        They did Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, but that’s just an expansion to their enhanced BG1, not really new.

        I’ve got all the BG’s and Torment on GoG and Icewind Dale on disc, but haven’t played any of them yet (yes, I’m terrible). Since it’s GoG, I expect them to run well. Otherwise, I’ll have no problem faffing about with mods.

      • Chaoslord AJ says:

        They should do something as was done with Neverwinter Nights: make a toolbox with a single player campaign and everything customizable, stick with an actually useful ruleset like AD&D instead of making something up.
        Module makers made some deep stuff back then.

    • hfm says:

      Hey.. good to see you, some Dustmen are causing problems over in Sigil. You should get over there and help them out..

      Hey.. good job with those Dustmen.. I got another one for you.. Some mercykillers are …

  2. heretic says:

    I might have to give this a go finally – tried a version a few years ago, enjoyed the writing at the beginning but the pain of the resolution threw me and I never got out of the mortuary…

    Any other tips to make this more enjoyable?

    • Michael Fogg says:

      a glass of wine?

    • Premium User Badge

      Drib says:

      I would recommend keeping in mind that hype grows in the retelling.

      I imagine the game is good, interesting, etc. But don’t go in expecting that it’s going to blow your mind in every conversation, like some people seem to portray it. It’s just a CRPG, good or not.

      Basically, have reasonable expectations. Fanboys get weird over time, and this is an old game.

      • Herring says:

        I think the hype for Torment is justified.

        That said your point about the retelling is a good one; people recount the games highlights (of which there are many) without talking much about the lows (combat is icky, intro is slow).

        Having played it recently my main criticisms (other than the combat) was the interface though…

      • Premium User Badge

        subdog says:

        I think your cynicism is a little too heavy. Sure, not every conversation will “blow your mind”, but you will have dozens of small, seemingly unimportant conversations in PS:T that are later revealed to be massive clues to the protagonist’s history.

        At the outset, it seems like just a standard CRPG with a weirdo setting. But PS:T’s real brilliance is when the puzzle pieces of virtually everything you do start fitting together in ways you couldn’t anticipate.

    • heystreethawk says:

      #1 tip: get out of the Mortuary. Make sure you talk to Deionarra, her stuff is good. The guy with the giant book is interesting. But bear in mind that the intro area to almost every Infinity Engine game is all kinds of tedious, and the Mortuary is a perfect example.

      It’s not a matter of the game being overhyped or overestimated in retrospect; it’s a brilliant game, and the way people regard it is right on the money. It’s just got a slog for an opening area.

      • Premium User Badge

        Qazinsky says:

        Yes, this is so true. I have played through the game twice, years inbetween and the main reason that it took so long to replay it is the Mortuary.

        I also found the look of the UI and such very weird, but that can be gotten used to.

      • Premium User Badge

        subdog says:

        I don’t agree! The Mortuary is great, and encourages you to completely upend your expectations for what kind of CRPG this is. From the outset, you’re asked to think about why you have to kill a harmless zombie. Every potential obstacle has multiple solutions, with combat generally being the fail-state.

        Each of those mindless undead drones has its own intricate description, injecting worldbuilding and storytelling into what any other game would consider tutorial cannon fodder.

      • hymnharmonia says:

        I always get overwhelmed by not knowing where to go when I leave the mortuary, and then quit.
        I’ve played through the mortuary countless times. :(

        • kud13 says:

          I agree. It took me like 4 tries to get into Torment, and the Mortuary was always fun, but wandering Sigil, being attacked by thugs and chasing down a necromancer was not. After being attacked for the 20th or 15th time by identikit thugs I’d usually quit.

    • kalirion says:

      Don’t expect much from the combat. At all. The good stuff about the game is the atmosphere and the writing/characters. It would’ve probably been better off as an adventure game (the non-linear kind ofc) than an Infinity Engine RPG.

  3. ZippyLemon says:

    Gel pens… wow.

  4. Jon Denton says:

    Does anyone know if savegames from the original are supported? I’ve been in the middle of a 16 year playthrough for a while.

    • Someoldguy says:

      I can’t answer that, but the hi-res scaling and UI mods for the original should sort out the visual issues without breaking anything or costing you £. I started afresh last month to give myself a reminder of the original game before PS:Numenera and it worked fine.

      It’s interesting that there are a few grumpy comments here about the Mortuary. I found that area fascinating and it set the scene really well, with you gradually puzzling out the reality of your situation. It was being set upon by Hive Thugs every time you revisited the zones outside the Mortuary when you were exploring all the different sidequests and getting a feel for the wider world that got old very quickly.

      Once you have levelled up enough those become a minor irritant, the game improves. The storytelling really comes into its own once you are out of the Hive and have several followers to interact with.

      Mind you I’ve always played the game with a ‘smart’ Nameless One. The Mortuary could easily be dull if you lacked the smarts for the dialogue or the puzzles.

  5. Viral Frog says:

    Glad this is out now! I was about to purchase the new Torment when I first heard that this Enhanced Edition was coming and decided to hold off. Now I can experience the original before checking out the spiritual successor.

  6. tangtren says:

    Is this multilingual? Voice acting in Polish version was absolutely stellar.

    For all of you new to this game – imho playing as a ‘neutral thief’ brings the best out of the storyline + loot fits this choice substantially.

    • Chaoslord AJ says:

      Maybe it would be possible to get the English onscreen-text with the polish dub – worked great with the Witcher. :)

  7. darkwhite says:

    What if I recently started PST for the first time (with all the mods installed)? Is the Enhanced Version worth losing the any (meagre) progress or should I stick to the modded version?

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Alec said in his previous article that if you already own Planescape and are fine with modding, then there isn’t much reason to get this version other than convenience.

      • Unclepauly says:

        Or if you REALLY love the fuzzy sprites craphics.

        —*-UuuuLTRA MEGAaaaa PUuuuuNnnn-*—

      • hfm says:

        But the fonts are SOOO CRISP AT 4K. That’s reason alone right there.

  8. Lejin says:

    Planescape was -is- a great game. But it feels like the kind of game that deserved to be left alone.

    It was one hell of a game, to be sure, and it changed a lot of things (for me at least) of what I could expect from a RPG. But dammit it’s really as if Holywood was remaking a classical movie (like blade runner) just for the sake of it.

    • jrod says:

      Huh? Are you talking about the brand new Torment: Tides game or something? This IS the original and hasn’t been messed with at all except to make it run nice on a modern PC and have a decent resolution.

      • Lejin says:

        Can’t say you’re wrong, it’s not a remake per see. It’s just that I’m craving for another landscape changing game, like Planescape Torment was when I was younger.

        I can’t help but feel like re-releasing a game (which was already available on GoG, and maybe steam) is not necessary.

        • deek1 says:

          It was necessary cause the original game wasn’t really that playable without the mods. They basically cleaned everything and made it playable for modern PCs. It was a nearly 20 year old game. It badly needed some work.