Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds getting Battle Royale-ier

Battle Royale ’em up Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is to get explictly Battle Royale-y with new outfits based on the movie which launched a thousand early access ships. Most of these will only be available in a special crate which will only be available for a limited time and, to raise money for a Plunkbat tournament, will cost $2.50 to open.

Unfortunately, the big ‘monthly’ update expected this Thursday has delayed back to next week, held up by a now-smashed bug. It will, when it gets here, add the promised first-person-only servers.

Three new clothing crates are coming to Plunkbat alongside July’s belated monthly update on August 3rd. Two will be regular crates, redeemed simply with the murderpoints we earn as we play, but one will require a ‘key’ to unlock. Putting a paid crate & key system into a game that’s still in early access does tend to rub me the wrong way, though this is for a specific purpose and only for a short while.

Plunkbat’s Gamescom Invitational will be supported partially by sales of those special loot crates, as is the way with many tournaments these days. The $2.50 crate keys will go towards the prize pool, the costs of running the tournament, and also charities, creator Brendan ‘Playerunknown’ Greene said in today’s announcement.

All three new crates will have Battle Royale clobber but by far the most are in the Gamescom Invitational Crate, which will only be sold August 3-27th. Hit the announcement for pictures and details of the lot.

Onto July’s late ‘monthly’ update. The holdup is “due to complications with a client crash bug last week”, Plunk explains. When it does arrive on August 3rd, expect a new rifle, a field of view slider, and a server option locking players into first-person mode. That last one will initially only be available on the North American and European servers for Solo and Duo queues. I’m still waiting eagerly to hear more on when we’ll get climbing and vaulting, which will hugely change how fights go down.

For all your TF2 scout cosplay needs.

The small ‘weekly’ patch coming instead of the monthly this week, on Thursday, will fix a few bugs. Doors are less gittish, mostly.

I often buy a Dota 2 tournament crate or two but think I’ll pass on Plunkbat’s Gamescom Invitational Crates. While some outfits look good and I think individual garments of others could be salvaged, as an item pool it has too many ugly bits for me to risk actual money.


Plunkbat’s fashion is broadly terrible, mind. It has some okay basics but anything with ‘personality’ is hideous. All these dreadful leather coats with one armoured sleeve and laces and rings all over, the pocket on shirt sleeves, the boots covered in spikes, the Matrix shades, the Twitch Prime outfit which tempts me to teamkill… it’s all like an xtreme ’90s comic book.

I am content with the outfit I’ve pulled together but it’s a shame that the big loot rewards mean nothing to me now I have an acceptable look. Every crate gives me items I don’t want, and they will continue to until Plunkbat improves its fashion design.

Still, I live in hope for the yet-unrevealed, non-Battle Royale garments coming in those two non-paid crates on the 3rd.

I am quite jealous of the squidkid looks I see my chums rocking in Splatoon 2. It even has distinct fashion brands!


  1. toshiro says:

    Ya, it rubs me the wrong way too. I fear the popularity will eventually make it unplayable, and that’s not solely coming from a hipster perspective (even though mainly of course that’s it), but also knowing that the player base is younger and has different ideas and also fresher brain that can handle information that we old people have no way to keep up with. Popularity is a double edged sword to be sure, few has the inner strength and audacity to stay cool when it hits, let’s hope plunkbat is an exception.

    • IgrokU says:

      I played a few rounds this weekend, they need to rein in the “chat before launch”. There was so much racist, sexual talk it was ridiculous, 1 guy kept asking them to stop- he had his kid with him, it just fired them up some more. Made me say nope, too toxic for me.

      • Premium User Badge

        Mikemcn says:

        Not defending terrible voice chat, but this has been a problem in online multiplayer since day 1. The parent who had their kid listening into that is an idiot. Mute voicechat unless you want to hear bad stuff.

        • theallmightybob says:

          Muting open voice is the first thing I do in every online game these days, too many people use an open mic as an excuse to be a jack ass.

        • bikkebakke says:

          Yeah, CTRL+T was a blessing

          Chat is just useless anyway in this game, there’s literally no need for it to have a voice chat other than to coax players.

          If you’re playing with mates then you’re going to use skype, teamspeak or discord anyway.

      • Premium User Badge

        Drib says:

        You hear racism? I mostly hear incoherent screaming or someone attempting to pipe music through their mic.

        • DuncUK says:

          On my first ever match, a guy was chanting the n-word (in what sounded like a thick eastern accent of some sort, as it happens). I muted there and then and have never looked back.

      • morrolan says:

        You know you can mute it right. It was the first thing I did when I heard players trolling.

      • Ghostwise says:

        Always leave /general in the Barrens. This is known.

      • Ztox says:

        lol, that’s one of my favourite parts.

  2. Thants says:

    The character customization is hilariously terrible at the moment. Play a bunch of games and you can unlock a prize-box and replace your off-white t-shirt with a light-grey t-shirt!

    It’s a good thing the core game is so fun because something like The Culling does everything else way better. Customization, skills, graphics, giving you an actual game reason to kill people and not just hide somewhere. It’s a shame The Culling developers seem determined to sabotage the actual gameplay.

  3. SaintAn says:

    Microtransactions in a full priced fad game? Pass. Seems the creator knows it’s just a fad and is cashing in while he can.

  4. Tomo says:

    Seems odd needing to fund your tournament when your game has been the Steam best-seller for eternity…

    • CMvan46 says:

      Hang on a second so Valve has been funding their tournaments forever doing this and suddenly now this is a problem?

      If the micro transactions continue after this for just general profits in an early access game I’ll have an issue but funding a tournament this way with purely cosmetic items doesn’t matter to me in the least.

      • Dezztroy says:

        Dota 2 is free to play. CSGO has always been either cheap or dirt-cheap.

        This game has already sold over 5 million copies, and putting microtransactions in the game at this stage is the dev going back on his word (no paid cosmetics until the game is out of EA).

        Also something to keep in mind is that Valve doesn’t fund its tournaments through gambling. You know what you’re getting when you buy a battlepass, that is not the case here.

  5. Rince says:

    Temporary and timed gated content, that’s the kind of things that make run away from games.
    That and the stupid gacha system.

  6. Nauallis says:

    Until I can dress my full-bearded manly man avatar in a pink-sequin low-cut backless evening gown (a la Adam’s or Alec’s screencap from the Fallout 4 WIT), there’s just no way I’ll jump on this bandwagon. You got killed by a burly dude in a fashionable woman’s dress from the 1950’s? That’s kinda funny. You killed a burly dude in a woman’s fancy dress? I guess there’s probably humor in that, too.

    • FredSaberhagen says:

      But, according to our president, that would incur huge medical expenses (???) and be a distraction to uhh… total victory

  7. drewski says:

    I’m not opposed to the idea of paid cosmetics as a way of supporting ongoing costs and development, but the whole gambling/random aspect is something I wish had never been included in games. Gambling is so destructive, pushing it to kids in even such a limited form is really objectionable.

  8. Pizzzahut says:

    Game was great until about a month ago. It’s going downhill down because they’re appealing to too wide of an audience.

    I expect this game will die almost as quick as it has surged to popularity.

    • Da5e says:

      Liked it before it was cool, did you?

    • caerphoto says:

      It’s going downhill down because they’re appealing to too wide of an audience.

      Be specific. What has changed in the game to make it worse in your mind?

      • Beefenstein says:

        The audience ‘too wide’ and s/he don’t like fat people.

      • Pizzzahut says:

        The whole FPS focus. FPS only is for casuals.

        • caerphoto says:

          So you’re actually claiming that FPS mode, which the devs called “Hardcore mode”, is actually for casuals?

          And that there’s a “whole FPS focus”, rather than it just being a server setting and some polish to make it less janky?

        • Harlander says:

          Do you think you could unpack that a little?

  9. Dezztroy says:

    All of the crates are Battle Royale themed. It’s just that two of the outfits they decided to not ask money for.

    This whole situation is terrible. The devs promised no paid DLC of any kind before the game left EA, and now they’re asking money for content that has been in the game since before it even entered EA on Steam.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      Agreed. Especially seeing I suspect this has quite a young audience (could be talking nonsense, but I find that’s the case for big Twitch hits) I find the huge emphasis on gambling and micro-transactions pretty creepy.

    • Chewbacca says:

      Or you could just ignore purely cosmetic microtransactions?! A loot crate is no DLC for me. And creating cosmetics does not take away resources from bug fixing and feature implementation. I already got my money’s worth for the 25 € I paid for the game and now they are adding cosmetics that I will ignore. Who cares?

  10. Quadruplesword says:

    In the words of Sam ‘Serious’ Stone, “I HATE crates!!”.

    Nothing will ever make me forgive Valve for popularizing this trend. Anytime I see a crate + key system in a game, I immediately say, “Well, they’re not getting a dime of my money for that.” I’ll still play the game, but I refuse to buy the microtransactions. Make it a system where I know what I’m buying and I’ll be happy to buy a few things. Make it a system where I have to gamble for randomized loot, some of which is arbitrarily more valuable and rare than others, and you can stuff it.

  11. Doomlord says:

    Please quit calling it “Plunkbat” it makes you sound kinda dumb, honestly. Thanks!

  12. Dancing Hotdog says:

    For a game I love so much this is really rather saddening. For a price tag as hefty as this one, especially when it is in early access already put m eoff buying this originally. The no dlc aspect and the lack of a pay to win sort of deal perked my interest. However despite the fact that the clothing items do not help you I find this attempt to cash in on such a good game as a poor cash grab by the devs and if this carries on it might ruin the game for me. The customisation is already pretty terrible with blande clothing and a lack of variety for your character. The crates are already pretty rubbish in my opinion because there’s nothing interesting you can find in a crate. After playing for a decent while the items i got from crates were sunglasses, a hat and a shirt. The game doesn’t need dlc to help fund it, it’s the top selling game on steam for christs sake!

    As a regular reader of Rock, Paper Shotgun i have seen a lot of articles regarding Playerunknowns battleground and each article usually sucks more and more hope out of me. After reading about the whole Dr Disrespect thing and how you can get banned for killing a teamkiller i just think that more time should be spent on improving key aspects of the game like how if you get teamkilled there should be a report bar or something similar that pops up exclusively for when you are teamkilled because it is rather irritating dealing from that sort of thing.

    It reminds me of gta online in the fact that originally it was fun and you could buy in game money to get cars and things such as that but it was still affordable if you grinded a bit to get items with hard earned money. As anyone who has ever played gta online would know the items became more and more expensive and the in app prchases took over. I don’t want that to happen to this game.

    The only thing was would truly ruing this game is if they addded weapon crates you could buy for real money because that woulds just transform this mostly wonderful game into a pay to win hellhole.

    As much as i understand that devs do neede money to support their games they clearly have enough money to do so by the sale records and the whopping price tag.

    I would like it if they added more crates that you could buy with in game money instead of real money because the currenct outfits are awful, except for the trench coat of course that is baddass.

    I just hope this doesn’t turn into an unfinished mess like h1z1 or an in app purchased riddled pay to win hellhole like every recent call of duty and ea game.

    Welp that’s my opinion on the matter at least but leet’s just hope the game maintains a steady amount of update with reasonable dlc but £2.50 for a crate is ridiculuos especially when it is random.

    • Doomlord says:

      For a price tag “this hefty?” LOL

      It’s like 30 bucks, that’s a steal for this good of a game. SMH