Vostok Inc. mixes twin-stick shooting with idle games

Q: when do I get to be an executive? This looks great.

I’m sure space is all good and well but it’s hardly a place to build a business, is it? Very few networking opportunities. Not many daily scrums. No LinkedIn invitations. We can change that. We can make space awful, thanks to Vostok Inc. [official site]. Released today, it’s a twin-stick shooter which mixes blasting aliens together with establishing a vast intergalactic empire of colonies, mines, factories, and executives. Yup, it’s a twin-stick space shooter smooshing in bits of idle games like AdVenture Capitalist. Have a look in the launch trailer:

Space is full of things you don’t own and aren’t making a profit off. That can’t be right, can it? So off you go in a brand new spaceship, blasting aliens and rocks to get money and start industrialising. You colonise planets in the idle game way, building everything from real estate to pharmaceutical companies and upgrading them to rake in megabucks. Then you can buy upgrades for blastier ships, and executives for colder business, and… on and round you go, fighting the occasional boss along the way.

That’s the general idea. Whether Vostok Inc. is a good twin-stick shooter and a good wealth-accumulator, I couldn’t tell you.

If you fancy a crack, Vostok Inc. is £8.79/11,99€/$11.99 on Steam right now, which includes a launch discount. It’s made by Nosebleed Interactive and published by Badland Games.


  1. Kollega says:

    Hm, it’s kinda funny… is “Vostok Inc.” just a reference to the fact that Vostok-1 was the first human-carrying spaceship, or is this game actually written to be a subtle satire of the “Russian Nineties” with their brutal capitalism? The guy in the thumbnail does look a bit like late Eighties/early Nineties manager stereotype, though maybe not a Russian specifically. And I’d sure like to know, but I obviously can’t tell without playing myself, and it’s not really my cup of new-and-amezink Amerikan Pepsi-Kola.

    • KDR_11k says:

      No idea why it’s called that but it’s definitely about ruthless capitalism. All building and upgrade descriptions are about how low-quality/unethical/polluting the approach is. E.g. the first upgrade to the mine is “remove all that safety gear and inspections for higher margins”.