Parp parp! F1 2017 gets new liveries, AI improvements

Codemasters today called F1 2017 [official site] into the pit to polish and refuel their racing game with a new update. Version 1.9 has brought updated liveries for cars and drivers, a LAN mode, AI improvements, a new UI for spectator mode, and bug fixes and bits. Pictures of the shiny new liveries are included in the v1.9 patch notes. Hit that for the full blast but here are some little bits I’ve pulled out:

  • New Grid editor available in custom multiplayer modes.
  • Sports Update – Updated car performance levels.
  • Improved AI drivers ability when defending the inside line.
  • Improvements to AI pace balance between qualifying and race sessions.
  • AI Difficulty is now applied correctly in multiplayer sessions.
  • AI will now pit under the SC for optimal strategy instead of waiting for the SC to go in.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI attempts to overtake a player with FW damage under SC conditions and then receive no penalties.
  • Rebalanced medium traction control performance.

This is the new spectator UI:

As a committed pedestrian whose video game driving fancies lean more towards joyrides and antics than serious competition, I have no opinions on F1 2017 beyond: dang, this Wipeout-lookin’ pink car is wild. But what’s the game like, gang?


  1. edna says:

    Somebody at RPS really should give some driving games a go. We don’t need you to be wheel-owning, torque-adjusting car nutters (as most of us aren’t). But it would be nice to know if an Alice or a John might enjoy a given racing game. Steam controllers make pretty acceptable wheel substitutes if tiny-stick-on-360-pad driving doesn’t work for you. Driving can be fun, but some driving is too hardcore for a lot of us. I suspect that may be true of this one.

    • Sheng-ji says:

      This one isn’t “hardcore” in it’s driving, but it is pretty hardcore in giving you an authentic feeling to the race weekend – the driving, with a controller is easy as you like, and you get assists to turn on, and rewinds if you make a big mistake – but the parts that non F1 fans may struggle with are the stuff that most fans don’t really need explaining and probably aren’t a lot of fun from a gamers point of view.

      If you’re the sort of person who likes a solid driving game that isn’t difficult to keep the thing on the road, but can ramp up the speed of the AI to really challenge you quite hard, and you want to deal with all of the rules and regulations of F1 (and a bit of knowledge of them goes a long way) then this is a great game for any ability/controller method (keyboard excepted) – if you want a game that makes these cars the crazy difficult beasts to drive that they are, or you really can’t get your head around why the McLarens are not going toe to toe with Ferrari, why you can’t use DRS except when you can, why your gear box failed and next race you were double punished by being sent to the back of the grid etc. then I doubt this will be fun!

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      I enjoy joyrides in Plunkbat but yeah, that’s about it these days. My automotive interests are driving fast, driving dangerously, drifting, crashing, and ideally exploding.

    • Grizzly says:

      I have only played F1 2016, and although it’s pretty hardcore if you turn all the assists of, you can turn down the difficulty of the car handling to the point that the car basically drives itself.

  2. racccoon says:

    I’d give the demo a go if there was one. :)

  3. April March says:

    *reads alt text*
    *stands up*