Have You Played… Sun Dogs?

Women are from venus, men are from mars, and dogs are from the centre of a seemingly endless ball of nuclear reaction

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Pip made me play Sun Dogs for an episode of the podcast (may she Rest In PCG) and I am very grateful. It’s a short jaunt around the solar system as a post-human with nothing to lose but your memories and some piffling items of no real significance. Isn’t being a post-human great?

It’s interactive fiction, more than anything else, and it fuels your curiosity with simple and small nuggets of text – finely-written descriptions of a space station’s deconstruction crew, or the traffic gridlocked in orbit, or the last pre-humans living on a flooded earth, unaffected by your godlike technology and living in “primitive” island villages.

There’s a bit of gameiness in the form of an inventory. You get suit upgrades and other objects that come in handy. Infra-red vision can spy a hidden object, or tough carapace armour might protect you from an unseen danger. But these upgrades are all to service those small vignettes of text as you travel from world to world. Rarely is science fiction dealt with so delicately in our industry, without big guns or alien monsters or angry shouting. Sun Dogs is a game of interactive fiction that I hope the next Mass Effect clone takes a lesson from.


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    phuzz says:

    I know you keep saying Pip’s gone to PCG, but she’s not written anything for them, and she’s not on the staff list. Are you sure she’s not just a bit lost in Castle Shotgun somewhere?
    Have you tried putting down a plate of her favourite treats and see if they’re getting eaten overnight? Or maybe dust some flour down around her favourite hidey-holes and seem if there’s any footprints.

  2. mgardner says:

    I don’t remember Sun Dog looking like that… oh, Sun Dogs.

  3. dashausdiefrau says:

    Yeah, sure on the ST, but I think the graphics were slightly different.

  4. Pinga says:

    Would it be too much if the links pointed to the actual game sites? Those /tag/ links are not helpful. We already have the article tags in the bottom for that.

    In fact, links to the actual game sites used to be a thing here in RPS some time ago.

  5. popej says:

    Aye Sundog is Sundog The Frozen Legacy to me (and brilliant it was too). I don’t think I’ve seen the game in this article before.