WWE 2K18 hits its release date (with a chair)

Can you smell what Rocky is cooking?

Are you ready to do a bro-slam from the corner of the fighting pit? Maybe you’d rather clotheshorse your opponent onto the safety mat. Or batterslap them into a Willy Nelson, before delivering a final heel storm? The possibilities are many in WWE 2K18 [official site], which came out yesterday. As an expert in wrestling, I can tell you it is the roughest, toughest and buffest since…

*checks filing cabinet*

WWE 2K17.

Okay I admit it, Adam is our usual wrestlemaniac. But I’ve picked up this news post, so I have to do my best – just like a real wrestler! WWE 2K18 features a mode called MyCAREER which allows you to go through the game “free-roaming, conversing with WWE Superstars, forming alliances, making enemies, seeking out quests, and strategizing for upcoming matches.” That sounds fun.

There’s the usual character customisation tools, as well as a bigger backstage area, “a new grapple carry system”, fresh animations and eight man matches. They’re also boasting “the most complete roster of the biggest and brightest WWE Superstars”. But they haven’t seen Adam’s figurine collection. I’ve poked Adam for a quote about it (he’s played a little) but in the absence of a reply, I’ll have to make something up.

“It’s interesting,” he says. “The lipslap is a little underpowered, but the double glute-stomp is quite satisfying.”

Sounds about right.

It’s out on Steam for £39.99.


  1. Seafoam says:

    All I’ve seen the WWE games being used for is huge battle royales with custom characters, usually livestreamed with commentary on top.
    Theyre great fun! But I hope they have noticed this and made the game friendlier in this regard.

  2. njury says:

    Personally I havent played any of the games, but it does look like it could be kinda fun.

    I’d most likely spend the majority of the time customizing my char though. Does it play best with a keypad cus I haven’t really played console kinda games nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer’s table.

  3. Freud says:

    Wrestling games are strange. The actual wrestling is played out as it was a real wrestling competition, while in reality it is this over the top theater.

    • Seafoam says:

      Paraphasing my upper comment, this nature of wrestling makes great livestream entertainment, like a theatre that plays by AI.

      The game is best just watched doing its thing, not as a wrestling game since its not really about the wrestling in real life.

    • antszy says:

      the new Fire Pro Wrestling game on Steam has a mode that respects the theatrics and rewards you more for being entertaining than for winning.

      • noodlecake says:

        WWE 2K18 also has that kind of thing incorporated into every mode. The only problem is that when you play online people don’t seem to give a shit. They’re happier having a one star match where they win than a nice 4-5 star match where both people get to have fun.

    • noodlecake says:

      I’d say it has more in common with stand up comedy than theatre because it’s all about understanding the type of crowd you have, reading their reactions and adapting your performance based on those reactions to elicit the best possible response. Also you’re pretty much guaranteed to come out hurting a lot more than you would doing theatre or stand up. And you’re going to have to work through hurting in a way you wouldn’t in theatre or stand up too.

      Brendon Burns has a lot of interesting things to say about this because he’s a stand up comic who is a huge wrestling fan, and has helped wrestlers Mick Foley and Colt Cobana get into stand up (Mick Foley is not a good comic at all, but he gives it a good crack) and talked in depth with them about the similarities and differences between the two forms of entertainment.

  4. aircool says:

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